Monday, July 28, 2014

Part Two

*if you haven't read my blog post from last night - you should probably read that one first

I really don't like disruptions.  Joe and I have had countless hours of discussions about disruptions.  If it weren't for a disruption, sweet Anna would not be in our family!  But, far too many adoptive families are choosing disruptions as a way to avoid a difficult journey.

I have to tell you that Dan does not want to leave his family.  He has been with us for two weeks and has not said one negative word about his family.  Every night, he cries and says he loves his parents and does not want to be "looking for a family that will take him".

What pain a 13 year old boy is suffering!

Last night, Joe and I made a point of pulling Dan off from the others to have a quiet conversation.  Joe started by asking, "Do you know the gospel?"

When Dan shook his head to indicate no, Joe walked Dan down a beautiful path of God's love and redemptive plan.  And then we told Dan that God loves him and that God is indeed his FATHER.  This Father will never leave, will never turn his back, and will never stop loving him.

We went inside to do our family devotionals and decided to just go straight into prayer.  The air was heavy in the room as we all knew this would be our last night with Dan.  I started, and prayed fervently that Dan's parents would welcome him home with love and mercy.  I prayed that this family would be restored!  Lincoln followed with sweet, 8 year old prayers for Dan that really raised the emotional level in the room.

Then Dan prayed.  For the first time.  And he prayed for Lincoln and George.  He knows they are starting football this week and he asked that God would keep them safe....and then...he just broke down and started sobbing.

George ran over to Dan and wrapped his arms around Dan's neck and then said, "Oh Dan...I am so sorry.  I have been such a jerk to you.  Will you please forgive me?  I want you to be happy.  I want your mom to change her mind."

And the two of these tween boys held each other and cried.

We wrapped up the night and tucked all the kids into bed - kissing their foreheads and reminding them...again...that they are loved.

And then I walked straight to my computer and began pounding out a letter to Dan's mom.  I begged her to reconsider.  I begged her to get some counselling, to find a church that will offer support, to use us as a respite family...anything..but please stop shopping around for another family!

I went to bed last night with a heavy heart.

All of this stinks!  This is NOT what God intends for children.  Yes, we are now making adoptions just like marriages - if it's not easy, if you don't FEEL good - you just dissolve the covenant.  And I am really sick of it.  More and more children show up on the desks of social workers each month from families that decide they are done.  People, I get it!  I probably say I am done every day!!  But then, I think about George...and what it might do to his little heart that is just now beginning to be sown back together.

I have a child sleeping away in his bed this morning with a heart that is completely breaking apart before my eyes.  He longs to go home and be wrapped up in the arms of his momma.   Please, friends, join me in storming heaven today that Dan's mom will change her mind.

Because Dan is worth it.

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