Thursday, July 17, 2014

Anna's Dream

I was siting on the back porch, enjoying this beautiful, cool morning with a cup of coffee and the Word when Anna came running through the door....sobbing.

Tears had made her face completely wet and she was stammering her words.

"I...I....had....had...a....bad dream, Mommy!"

I pulled her onto my lap and tried wiping away the tears, but as soon as I would wipe her cheeks, more tears would replace them following the same tracks down her face.  After a moment or two of just holding her and telling her everything was ok, she finally reached a point where she could tell me her dream.

This is what she told me.

"I had a dream that all the black boys and girls had to be killed.  Police were going door to door looking for the black children so they could kill them.  The police saw George and I.  This woman cop came toward me and said, 'Just take the pain and then you will hear the trumpets".  But I didn't want to take the pain!  I cried and told her I didn't want to take the pain.  

That is when Daddy stepped in and said, 'I will take the pain for Anna'.

And so, he did.  

And he died."

Again, the tears fell.  This time, I joined her in crying.

We had a long talk about the dream.  I am curious to know what YOU think.

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