Tuesday, June 3, 2014

These Two

Here is a story of two kids.

Lincoln was born in 2005 on a beautiful fall day, surrounded by peace and love.  He was brought home to a loving family where he found himself the baby of four.  He was loved immensely by his parents and his siblings.  They all marveled as he grew;  at his ability to make us all laugh, how he could hit a baseball by the age of 2, and how caring he was to all those around him.

Anna was also born in 2005.  She was born in Ghana to a single mother.  Anna was the baby, too, the youngest of 11 children.  Anna was raised in an orphanage, as her mother was the cook there.  Anna never knew a father and only knew one sibling, a sister who was severely mentally disabled and lived in the orphanage as well.  When Anna was 4, she watched in horror as her mother fell, hit her head and died.  Anna was devastated that no one allowed her to say goodbye to the only parent she has ever known.  Anna was quickly moved to an older siblings' house, where it only took a few weeks for that brother to say he didn't want her.  Anna was then moved to an aunt's house, and again, they aunt determined that Anna could not stay.  The orphanage where Anna's mom worked took her back in.  And Anna was adopted!  But, within 4 months, Anna's first adoptive family decided they did...not...want...her.

So, Lincoln's parents found out about Anna.  They heard God say, "This is YOUR daughter.  Go get her."

They did.

Lincoln was the introduced to Anna...not just his sister, but his "twin".  Lincoln was exactly 14 days older than Anna!  When Anna came home, Lincoln wrapped his arms around here and said, "Welcome home."

A few months later Lincoln asked his mom, "Why are we twins?  We don't look anything alike and everyone asks me why I call her my twin sister."  Lincoln and Anna's mom told them that twins are brother and sister who are the same age, and for the 5 year olds, that was a good enough explanation.  From that point on, Lincoln and Anna called each other their twin.

Lincoln and Anna are so different.  Lincoln excels at school.  He won a role with a solo in the 2nd grade play.  He has tons of friends.  He is a great athlete.  Anna struggles in school.  Anna was in the chorus for the play.  Anna has a few friends.  Anna has some birth defects in her legs which make it very difficult to run, jump and play.

But...Lincoln and Anna truly LOVE each other!

Here are some of the things they have said about each other:

Anna:  "I really don't want to be on stage for the play.  But I love watching my brother shine on the stage!"

Lincoln:  "Anna, you should consider being a model, because you are so beautiful!  Like that actress on the cover of that magazine!"

Lincoln:  "I want to be in the same class with Anna so I can beat up anyone who is mean to her."

Anna:  "Lincoln is the best brother I could ever have.  I know he protects me."

Just yesterday, at the 2nd grade awards, they were faced yet again with how vastly different they are.  All the second graders piled into the cafeteria for various awards ranging from art and music awards to all As awards.  Anna knew she probably would not get any awards.  Lincoln knew he probably would get some awards.  God would orchestrate that Anna would sit right in front of Lincoln.

More than once, Lincoln's name was called and he walked on to the stage to get his awards.  And for the entire ceremony, Anna sat.  Her name was never called.

But, half way through the ceremony, Lincoln reached forward and touched his twin's shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry about not getting any awards, Anna.  You know that we all love you so much."  Anna smiled and nodded.

On the way home from school Anna said, "I was so proud of Lincoln today, getting all those awards.  But, I am more proud to say that he is my brother."

Lincoln looked and Anna and smiled, saying, "I am glad you are my sister."

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