Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Joseph E. Beck Award

I started this post with a two paragraph rant about Awards Days.  After reading it, I wisely decided to DELETE :)

What is left is a tribute to Isabel.  Isabel is special.  And I am not just saying that because I am her mother.  She truly is unique.  I love ALL my kids!  They are ALL special to me.  They ALL have talents and gifts and make me smile and bring joy to my life.  But every once and a while, I think God gifts one child with a little something extra.  And that is Isabel.

But hey, before I get too ahead of myself, clearly this child is not perfect!  She does annoying things.  She has pride issues.  She bugs her siblings.  And she can REALLY get under my skin some days.  So, she's human.

OK - now that all of that is settled, Isabel was awarded a pretty big award today.  Last year, Joe and I were thrilled with one particular award she received closing out her years in elementary school.  She got the Smile that Goes The Extra Mile Award (long title, I know!).  Basically, it meant she was nice to everyone.  Out of all the report cards, athletic abilities, plays, concerts...what Joe and I desire MOST in our children is kindness, gentleness, mercy.  And I will clearly tell you that ALL our children exhibit those characteristics most days.  I could not be more proud, as a momma, to have children who genuinely care about others.

We didn't think Isabel could get much better than being recognized for her ability to be kind to everyone. But, she topped it this year with the Joseph E. Beck Award.  Here is what the principal read as he was announcing the award:

Joseph E. Beck Award:  The Joseph E. Beck Award is entitled for Beck Academy’s namesake and is the most distinguished award given at Beck Academy. 
This award honors a student for outstanding achievement and strength in academics, leadership, service, and extracurricular activities.  Joseph E. Beck recipients are respected by their peers and set an example for other students.

This year’s recipient is the most self-less 6th grader we have ever met. Her family of nine consists of her parents, three biological siblings, two adopted children from Africa and a foster child from another country. She often shares stories of living in a large family and every story is a positive, upbeat lesson for us to learn from.

Every Monday, she volunteers at the Frazee center after school to help with underprivileged students and is very active in her church. She serves as our 6th grade student council president and will serve on Student Council next year as well. Mrs. Burrow stated that her service on Student Council has been invaluable this year. In addition, she plays volleyball outside of school and plans to try out for the Beck’s girls’ team in 7th grade.

Academically, our recipient has maintained A’s all this school year, and she is ALWAYS willing to help her peers in class. Very often she is the one student who has the ability to get through to another student when no one else can.

Both peers and adults LOVE her. When choosing groups for the upcoming field trip to Atlanta, Mrs. Strickland said that just about every fourth person wanted her in their group. Her dimpled smile always lights up any room that she is in.

The 2014 Joseph E. Beck Award is presented to:
  Isabel Weldie

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