Monday, June 23, 2014

Making Room

Salome went home to Colombia last week.

She will always be a part of our family.  Always our daughter.  And she will always be welcome in our home.  For now, God has made it clear that His will is for her to be in Colombia.  I know God had many reasons for allowing Salo to be a part of our family for almost one year.  I think Salo learned some lessons.  She definitely touched many lives here in South Carolina.  And we learned a really big lesson.

We have room.

For one more child.

Many years ago, while Joe was fighting to keep his small business alive, we attended a Meet and Greet in the community for business owners.  As we sat there, knowing our business was failing and we were probably going to have to close it, we met a Jewish rabbi.  He asked about our business and then quickly started asking about our personal lives.  While Joe really dislikes talking to strangers, I found it very easy to open up to this man.  We had just brought Anna home and told the rabbi about our four biological kids and our two adopted kids.  He loved listening to the stories of how God told us to do something - and even when we were terrified, we had seen God's faithfulness.  Looking back, it is rather ironic - or even funny - that we could sit there and talk about God's faithfulness when we were in the middle of full-blown RAD (I think George had called 911 on me that week), just adopted Anna from a disrupted adoption, and had a business that was a complete failure.  But isn't it in those times that we are the most sure of God's faithfulness?  I mean, after all, we had healthy kids (thankful because our insurance was bare bones), we had two paid off cars that were running (OK - so my front door made this hideous sound every time I had to open and shut it, but it ran!), we had a good home in the country (but only 1 bathroom for 8 people could be a challenge at times), and a solid marriage (the stress of everything had actually brought us closer together).

Back to the rabbi!  After we talked for about 20 minutes, he looked at us and said, "You know, the perfect number is 7."  He winked at us with a smile and then walked away.  Joe and I looked at each other and laughed a bit.  SEVEN.

SEVEN kids - isn't that entering "crazy-ville"?  We already get stared at every where we go!

SEVEN.  Yea...that does sound kind of nice.

We tucked that experience way back into the memory storage part of our brains and went on with life.  We shut down the business.  We were left with practically nothing.  We moved across the country to start a new job.  We started all over again with friends, a church, schools....

And we never even thought about SEVEN in those years of starting over.

Then, Salome came.

And SEVEN felt natural.  It felt nice.

We realized we had room in our car (our Suburban has room for 9!).  We realized we could move some things around in our house and have more bedrooms - and ALL the kids are happy with several having their own room.  We realized we had the capacity.  And most of  all we realized we all had room in our hearts for one more.

Salo had to go home.  And we suddenly were back down to six.  And as I go places with my kids, I stumble as I get to "six" as I frantically look around for another child to label "seven" until I realize we are no longer SEVEN.  We all fit at the dinner table now and no one has to sit up front between Joe and I as we drive to church...and it is a little sad for all of us.

God showed us something very special over the past year.

And we are making room for the next adventure He takes us on.

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