Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Taking Root

I have been absent for a long time.  And slowly, God has been leading me toward writing again.  But, before I started writing about the happenings of our family and the lessons I have been learning, I really felt that the blog needed a face lift...and a new name.

I have been praying about this - although even as I write this, that sounds silly.  Praying about a blog name?  I am not sure God really cares about this blogs' name.  But, anyway, I prayed.  And God has led me back to Hosea.  The book of Hosea has been vital to my faith for the past 5 years.  Frankly, I am tried of relating everything in my life to our adoption of George because it continues to be incredibly hard and painful.  But, Hosea IS about George.  George is Gomer...and Israel.  And I am Hosea.  But, I am Gomer and Israel, too.  And God PROMISED in Hosea that He "will heal their waywardness and love them freely.." (14:4).  I have needed that free love...more than ever in my life.

And God goes on to promise that I...George...Israel...will blossom like a lily, and like a strong tree will send down roots...and grow..and BLESS those who seek the tree's shade.

And so, I am in the process of taking root.

I have stories to share.  Sweet stories of Anna's growing understanding of the Lord's love for her.  Challenging stories of a young man's doubts.  Exciting stories about our oldest getting ready to launch out into college.  And stories of God's continuing guidance in Joe's and my life toward abandoning ALL for the sake of the Call.

I am looking forward to sharing these stories of the Weldie clan and all the God is doing in our lives.

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