Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year's End

I started to write about the high lights and low lights of 2013 for I have seen many fellow bloggers post such entries.  But, as I sat on the couch on the last night of 2013 I thought it would be way too hard for my 43 year old memory to remember all that happened this year.  Sadly, this was a year that saw a huge decline to my blogging.  I am not sure why...maybe I just got really busy?  Maybe I just got tired of writing the same old same old of my life?  Maybe I just got out of the habit?

I actually think the habit reason is the most likely.  Seriously, I simply moved my computer upstairs, which led to me being upstairs in order to be on my computer, which meant I was closer to all the dirty laundry and the washing machine..

On the bright side, I got all my laundry done in a very timely fashion this year!

Looking back, this year saw us settling into our home in South Carolina.  It is really starting to feel like home.  We love our neighbors...and have the most wonderful conversations standing around outside.  (But I still long to live in the country again),  The kids settled into their schools.  Joe settled into his job.  And I returned to the career I love the most...being a mom.

I had a very rough spring with George...again...I even thought of the "D" word, which I promised I would never bring up.  But, in God's FAITHFULNESS, He brought me through once again.

But instead of looking back, I want to look forward and share the things God has put on my heart for 2014:

  • Prayer.  I have really failed in this area the past year.  I need...and want to return to a real disciplined prayer life.
  • Connecting:  I want to connect more with my children...especially George.  I am going to read some books I should have read long ago and I am going to watch videos I should have watched long ago.  And, I am going to remember that God loves me...even when I am ugly and hateful and spiteful and pouting.  THAT is reason alone for me to work hard at loving George into a place of heart healing.
  • Service:  In the fall, I stepped away from Safe Families.  I still love what the ministry stands for, I just simply could not do the work AND be a wife to Joe and a mom to these 7 amazing kids.  I do not have time for a full time ministry...but God has put specific ideas in both Joe's and my mind.  We are not settling for a life of Christian mediocrity that is, in reality, nothing different than the average American family pursuing comfort.  We refuse.  And God continues to challenge us to be authentic in our faith...and that means stepping out in faith in crazy ways.  This past year, we THOUGHT God was calling us to Colombia...we said "yes" and God surprised us with "No..but, instead here is Salome."  If we are not willing to say "yes" to whatever crazy adventure God is leading us on, we will miss great blessing.
This year, I want to love my husband more.  I want to love my kids more.  But most of all, I want to love God more this year.  

And..I will try to blog more :)

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