Monday, September 23, 2013

A Beautiful Noise

The noise began about a week before Joe and I left for Colombia.  Yes...we went to Colombia to make some pretty big life-decisions.  Once we finish processing, I will share what's going on with us.  Joe and I have been feeling God pull at our hearts over mission.  We are simply in the stage of listening to His voice and praying for the courage to be obedient.

Back to the noise.

The noise started in the car, specifically in the middle row between the hour of 2:30 - 3:30.  I have nailed the exact time because this noise happened every single day.  When I was in Colombia, I wondered if the noise would continue.  I don't think it did.  I was sad that the noise might be gone.

But it came back yesterday!

LAUGHTER between brothers.

I have been waiting and waiting and praying and praying for this day.  I have seen glimpses, but the laughter never lasted long.  In fact, there has often been a complete void of laughter in one particular boy...George.
The only times George would laugh would be at the expense of others.  I am sure that habit began in the environments he was raised in, where it was tolerated, or even acceptable to laugh at others.  We have worked so hard to teach George that laughing at his siblings when they get hurt, or when they make a mistake, or when they get in trouble is NOT ok.

While teaching him that...we just didn't hear him laugh at all.  For FOUR years.

Until recently.

Now..I hear laughter on a daily basis.  Right now, the laughter is between Lincoln and George.  It is in THIS relationship that some healing is beginning.  I am grateful this is happening between Lincoln and George because Lincoln has always been the most affected by George's negative behavior. Lincoln is the one who cries when George causes chaos in the house; Lincoln is the one who stares out the window keeping an ever-watchful eye on George when he "runs away" (yes...he still threatens to run away on a weekly basis); and Lincoln is the one who prays to God that George would finally understand his family loves him.

Just last week, George and Lincoln would just look at each other and bust out laughing! And I simply sat back and took it all in...listening to the genuine, belly laughs that were echoing through the car.  The subject of their laughter?  Well...unfortunately, it is usually farts.

Yes...they giggle....holding their hands up to their mouths trying to keep their giggle quiet.  Then, someone bursts out a loud laugh....and then...all breaks free and before I know it they are rolling around the middle seat of the car laughing with all their might.  When I ask, "What is so funny?", the reply is, "Lincoln just farted!!!"


Last night, our devotional was centered around Adam and Even in the garden after they had taken a bit of the forbidden fruit.  And, if you know the story, the word NAKED is in the scripture several times.  I could see it coming...and sure enough, the two boys went through the same routine...covering their mouths trying SO hard not to bust out laughing.  But before we knew it, George and Lincoln are looking at each other, saying, 'Naked!" and then rolling on the floor laughing.

That laughter followed them all the way to bed and as I tucked them in for the night, kissed their heads and wished them a good night's sleep, George said, "It's fun being a boy, Mom...we get to laugh at things like farts and naked."

I am just so grateful that he IS laughing...even if it is about farts.