Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's Been On My Mind Lately....

I have been pretty consumed lately by books.  Instead of writing in my spare time (as you probably clearly noticed), I have been reading.

Well...that and listening to music.  I fell in love with Pand*ra - until I discovered Sp*tify!  It is with giddy pleasure that I relive my past listening to albums I had long ago parted with.  Usually it was because the cassette tape broke after dozens of times of getting caught in the wheels of the cassette player.  I was pretty handy with a pencil and could re-wind most all of my favorites, but after a while, they just didn't play the way they should.  Now, I can listen away as I do paperwork or catch up on emails.

I have devoured every Relevant Magazine for the past 3 years and take notes on scraps of paper of new bands I need to listen to.  With Sp*tify, I have been delighted by the sounds of new bands with familiar punk riffs or hard rocking guitars or even a catchy hook that gets me dancing in my office.

For some reason, I have needed to pour in a little bit - and not pour out so much.

So, in my times when the house is quiet and the kids are asleep, I have been reading.

I am on my 2nd go-around with Pursuing Justice by Ken Wytsma.  The first time I was shouting out loud on almost every page, "Amen brother!", or "Yes!  That is exactly how I feel!".  The second time, the old English teacher in me took my pen, my highlighter and went to work dissecting each and every paragraph, gleaning the gems I want to commit to memory or at least meditate on.  The subtitle is "The Call to Live and Die for Bigger Things".

You all know that several years ago, God clearly called Joe and I to that life of living and dying for something bigger than ourselves, our bank account, our retirement...wait...what exactly IS retirement?  Sometimes it is really nice to read words reminding me of that call and why God calls ALL of us to live and die for bigger things.

I have been very convicted lately of not pining away for heaven - but instead to do KINGDOM work here on earth in order to participate in "thy kingdom come..thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".


I have decided to write a little here about what I have been reading..and maybe giving you a hint as to what Joe and I are praying through right now.  All I know is that we are not done...Yes, God has done amazing things in our lives - number one being his rescuing us from our sin!  Then, He took some pretty self-centered, self-absorbed, selfish people and taught us to look around at a broken world around us.  Once we looked around, He broke our hearts for that broken world.

God desires justice...and I have begun to take that call very seriously.  It doesn't mean that I don't often fall flat on my face and lean back on that very selfish woman, but it does mean that I get back up and ask God to use me each morning to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with Him. 

I hope I can pull myself away from Sp*tify and my books long enough to write my thoughts down.  I think I will want to read them again someday :)

Plus..I think we are just beginning on a new and wild adventure with God!


Betsy said...

i would love to know what you're reading. i just finished 7 by jen hatmaker and am reading Interrupted by her right now and it's very much along these same lines. would love to hear your recommendations and thoughts.

Betsy said...

i would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations! i just finished reading 7 by jen hatmaker and am reading Interrupted by her as well. it's very much along these lines.