Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Know Why

I don't know why I haven't written anything in about 6 months.  Not sure if it has been six months, but it feels like it.  I guess that comes with the territory of writing a blog.  Some days one just doens't feel like writing.  Unfortunately, that has turned into months of not feeling like writing anything.

So, here I go.  A quick update on everyone:

Eleanor is sailing along as a sophomore in high school.  She had a role in the school play and is now the stat for the boy's baseball team.  She is loving that!  Our family loves baseball so much - it's no wonder she is drawn to hanging on the field hearing the crack of a bat (well, more like a "ting" since the bats are aluminum - ha).  She is practicing her driving often....test to come in a few weeks.

Harry is finishing out his middle school years well.  He has a busy month coming up with many band concerts and a trip to Carrowinds (which of course, is the highlight of being in band).  He got accepted into Eleanor's high school and has started scheduling classes.

Isabel just performed at her elementary school's talent show.  She brought the house down.  Wow...what can I say about this over-achiever;  she is the anchor for the school's announcement crew, she is getting straight A's, she got accepted into the International Baccelaureate middle school for next year, her cupcake business is still pumping along, and she is playing volleyball. 

George is in the middle of his tough season.  But, praise God, it is not as bad as years before.  Well...put it this way, he goes into rages unlike any I have ever seen before - and honestly have scared me a bit, BUT, he can come out of those rages and get under control within a few hours now.  There is such a battle for his soul - George tells us often he "hears" Satan and that he even sees him.  Joe and I have determined that our FIRST response when George goes into these rages is to fall on our knees as a family.  We must fight for his soul.

Lincoln is a nut.  He is so, so funny and the coolest thing is going on in his soul right now - he is truly hearing from God for the first time.  He has such sorrow for his sin, often resulting in him crying and just telling us how much he loves Jesus.  It is pretty amazing seeing what is going on with him right now.

Anna is just Anna - our most loveable cutie-pie.  She says the funniest things sometimes.  And she is so, so happy!  Joe and I have noticed a marked difference in her since the adoption was finalized.  She just has so much joy.  She skips and dances around the house, she laughs and smiles all the time and runs into our arms for big squeezy hugs. 

Gunnar - (our dog) - just found out he has a torn ACL.  Geesh!  I guess it comes with the territory of having a big, active dog.  We think he tore it while we were geocaching at the Enoree River.  Joe and Gunnar had to cross the river to an island that held the cache.  I think it was just too much for Gunnar.  So, he is now pretty heavy pain meds and anti-inflamatory meds.  Sleeps a lot now.  We are really hoping to avoid surgery - but we know with him only being 3 (this is his second injury to his knee), and knowing how active he is, surgery is probably inevitable.

Safe Families is chugging along.  I have had some real soul searching over the past few months and have heard clearly from God that this is exactly where He wants me to be. 

OK - so that was just a snippet - and nothing very profound or spiritual in this post. But, at least I am writing again.   Maybe I will write again later today - the kids are on spring break so that means I don't have to spend 3 hours in the car getting them to and from school - yipee!!!  It is a cold spring break - so we decided to not try to hit the beach.  Lots of wii...and Food Network.  Sigh.

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