Friday, April 12, 2013

Do I Have to Apologize?

I have a song that is dear to my heart - it is by Br**ke Frasier and is about going to Rwanda and SEEING.  She sings, "Now that I have seen, I am responsible.  Faith without deeds is dead."

I sing that, too.

My "song" is about all that I have seen over the past 4 years of my life.  Wow!  God has shown me so much in four short years. 

I have seen drug addiction.  Domestic abuse.  Suicide. Mother's abandoning their children.  Incarceration.  Prostitution.  Fear.  Hunger.  Those things I have seen on the streets of the cities here.

But what I have seen in Ethiopia has changed me forever.

I have seen.

I have seen children crying because they were so hungry.  I saw people living with leprosy.  I saw men cutting acres of grass with hand scythes the size of a pair of household scissors.  I have seen women with incontinence sitting on the sidewalks being chastised and ridiculed.  I have seen babies with very little life in their eyes. 

I have seen the fatherless.

I have held their hands and rocked their bodies and wiped their tears. 

So, I am responsible.

I am responsible to tell you.

I am responsible to tell those who have NO IDEA.

I am responsible to tell you their names.  Their share their stories. 

I have heard that I am "too passionate". 


When it comes to the it better to be apathetic?  Show no passion?  Just let people continue thinking that things are not "that bad" for the millions of children in orphanages? 

I can't do that.

I remember hearing K*y W*rren once say that she doesn't get invited to dinner parties anymore because all she talks about is AIDS and people dying. 

I understand her. 

I talk about orphans.  I talk about adoption.  I also talk...a lot...about what the church can be doing in America to serve and love those fatherless and widows right here in our own communities. 

I guess people don't appreciate that.

But I am called to do this..I know it. 

Now that I have seen....I am responsible.

Faith without deeds is DEAD.

It is far too easy for American Christians to dismiss this fact from scripture.  They can too easily throw grace in the picture and say, "You don't have to do anything for salvation!" 

I agree!! 

But I am not talking about that.  I am talking about the EVIDENCE of your faith. 

I remember singing some kind  of camp song as a teenager that asked the question, "If I were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict me?"

I cringed at that every time I heard it. 

Deep down I knew.  The answer was NO. 

But God.

God showed up in my life and RUINED it.  He turned it upside down.  He showed me that couches and rugs and lamps were of NO value - so we continue to sit on the lumpy, really old, really stained couch older than our children.  He showed me that saving for a retirement had NO value - so we spent our savings on adoption.  And then..He showed me hurting people - so I have now seen and I am responsible.  And I can't stop seeing..and I can't stop thinking that God can use ME to somehow bring one more child into a forever family where that child can be loved and nurtured!!

Do I have to apologize for telling you what I have seen? 


Amy Shaw said...

I love your heart! And I get it! Me too!!

Kerry said...

absolutely NOT on the apologizing!!!
(i have that song loaded in my van...every time i hear it i think of my time in the D.R., and also of all the things God has opened my eyes to in recent years....not sure i am vocal enough!!!)