Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting Ready for School

Excitement is in the air...the kids backpacks are filled with tennis shoes are ready by the back door...and today, all during the day, the kids find out their schedules, teachers and classes. 

We have a few changes this year. 

Eleanor, however, has few changes. And for that, she is so grateful!  Eleanor has had so many changes thrown at her over the years, including the move down to SC this time last year.  She started at one school and within a week, it became crystal clear that this school and Eleanor were not a good match.  Three weeks into the school year last year, we moved her to an International Baccalaureate school and she is thriving.  It was a good year, and I watched this year as my confident, self-controlled fifteen year old daughter walked into sophomore orientation, waving at her friends and even being knocked over with a hug.  So, she will be at the same school, with the same friends and on the same schedule.  And she likes that!

Harry, as well, after being moved to a new school six weeks into the school year, is happy to be returning to the same school. 

The four littles are going to a new school.  One of the things I like about Greenville education is the ability to move your children to schools that fit their learning style or abilities.  George will also be enrolling at a learning center that will give him extra help several hours a week.  Joe and I are confident that he now has a great grasp of the English language..and now is the time to give him every opportunity to succeed in school.  Right now, he can read any word..but his comprehension is at the 1st grade level.  We MUST help him improve in his ability to understand..and so we are making the commitment to George.

They start Wednesday and are counting down the hours...I love how they all love school.

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