Saturday, July 28, 2012

No Greater Joy

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.  3 John 1:4

I remember reading this verse after I saw someone in my church parking with the vanity plate that read, "3 Jn 1:4".  And I thought to myself...I hope I can say that with confidence someday.  I have been hesitant to "brag" about my children's faith  or spiritual life simply because I have learned through my own experience with my family that just because a child is being raised in a Christian home does not guarantee a life of walking in the truth.

But...I am amazed by two of my children right now.  And today...I have no greater joy...because I know that today, at least two of my children are CHOOSING to follow the Lord with boldness and conviction.

Eleanor and Harry just came back from a week long mission trip to Birmingham, AL.  They both were on small teams that ministered to poor, urban families through fixing up their homes.  They painted everything that could be painted on the outside of the house, picked up trash, laid mulch, cauked, scrapping paint for single women. 

After serving all day long, in 100 degree Alabama heat, they enjoyed worship that Harry reported was like being at a Hillsong concert every night.  They had church time where they completely gerw closer to their youth group and the Lord.  Both Eleanor and Harry come home thoroughly changed by this experience. 

Eleanor and Harry have decided that faith is not a Sunday morning thing.  There is no "box" they can check on Sunday at 11:00 that says, "OK..I did my thing at church and now that's done for the week."  They both have come to understand that Jesus asks for ALL of us...all our time, all our dreams, all our hopes, all our fears.  They GET it better than some adults I know who SAY they are Christians.  And that brings me great joy!

I have a son who signed up for more information about mission trips around the world...without even asking us or talking to us!  Some of you may gasp at that...but for Joe and I...we LOVE that!  Yes, Lord...use our son and take him around the world to see what breaks your heart and to learn more about YOU!

I have a daughter who is ready to take on her public high school and be the light that shines.  She is not afraid of the public school - she is standing firm in her faith even among a group of people who  believe there is no need for God.

And this is what amazes me...and humbles me...because all I have ever wanted was for my children to be PASSIONATE about our God who humbled himself on a cross and DIED for them.  I mean, if you REALLY think about what God did for us, isn't it natural for your LIFE to be completely transformed out of GRATITUDE for Jesus?  And that transformed life is a life of ACTION....DOING the things that Jesus commanded.  But that also means KNOWING what Jesus said! 

Eleanor and Harry are starting down this path...and I have no greater joy right now.

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