Saturday, July 14, 2012

More Gratitude

#35   A pool all to ourselves - two families and a few extra kids along converged at our pool during the dinner hour.  No one else was there - so wonderful.

#36   My neighbor who feeds Gunnar "treats" multiple times a day, who gets a giddyap in his step when he sees Gunnar coming, and always looks after her when we take long beach days.

#37   Sitting in comfy chairs at TJMax talking for over an hour with a great new friend about de-worming children in Africa.

#38   Ginger ale mixed with strawberry lemonade....yummy!

It has been an interesting week.  God clearly slammed shut some doors (which caused some pain)...and then offered a blessing on the other side. 

In one day, I received 4 invitations for 9 speaking opportunities in NC, GA and SC for Safe Families, disrupted adoption, and adoption.  Totally humbled and amazed!

Then, SFFC - Greenville received $10,000 to get started!  Praise God!

Every time I try to get off this path...God gently, but clearly puts me right back on it. 

And...I continue to practice my gratitude!

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