Thursday, July 5, 2012


I finally am reading the book that so many read a year ago.  A new friend handed me the book this week and asked if I had read it.  I had to admit that I hadn't.  Not for any reason in particular.  I always figured I would get around to it at some point. 

Now I have.

As I sat down on a very hot July afternoon in South Carolina, I began reading the beautiful words of Ann Voskamp in One Thousand Gifts.  I couldn't have felt farther away from her - as she writes about her kids building snow forts and watching snow flakes gather on her window sill.  I was sweating and pretty miserable just sitting there.

But, Voskamps words sang a song with a haunting melody to me.  Despite what my body was feeling, my soul was intoxicated by her poetic sentences.  And then, the meaning of the prose hit me. 

It takes practice to be thankful.  And in being thankful, we worship the Lord.  When we are thankful, we realize and focus on the many gifts that God gives us each day.  Gifts that we normally pass over without a second thought...and definitely without a thankful heart for the gift.

I have seen hundreds of bloggers share some of their one thousand gifts.  I was slightly interested in their lists, learning a bit more about each person as they shared what they were noticing around them as gifts from God.  And as I read through chapter after chapter, I wondered if I could do this...actually list 1000 things I am grateful list the 1000 ways that God has blessed me with little gifts.

And I started a list in my head.

I don't know if I will share all one thousand gifts, but I do want to do this.  I want to persevere!  I can just now tell you that by 238, I will probably "forget" to notice...but I long to preserve in something in my life!  And this is a worthy place to begin.

1.  Bluebird eggs in my neighbor's nesting box...I never knew their eggs were so blue
2.  My no-longer-an- orphan daughter dancing across my kitchen floor to Chris Tomlin singing "Amazing God"
3.  The smell of a charcoal gas here.
4.  A daughter who delights in cooking in the kitchen with me.

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