Monday, July 23, 2012

Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself

Saw this on FB....had to share!
I advocate for orphans and for adoption. No surprise there! I do so because every child is, first and foremost, a child of the King, whom I love; and second, because I have a voice that can be used for those who can't speak for themselves, even as I would pray someone would do for my own children if they needed an advocate.

So for those who ask questions: why do you try to help the 1) disabl...ed child,2) the sick child, 3) the foreign child, 4) the older child, 5) the child from a broken system or institution

or make comments: 6) I could never love an adopted child like I love my own, 7) I am nervous about what an unknown child may be like, 8) I’m glad he/she is not my son/daughter; 9) Adoption is not an option I consider

Here are my replies:
1) Because Jesus first loved me.
2) Because Jesus first loved me
3) Because Jesus first loved me
4) Because Jesus first loved me
5) Do you see a pattern here? BECAUSE JESUS FIRST LOVED ME!
6) Check the condition of your heart! And consider this: Do you love your spouse? They aren’t biologically related.
7) None of us are perfect, no not one. We are all broken, but redeemable! Truth is, biological children are not perfect AND they are unknown to us. But all of the children are known to God!
8) I’m glad, too, because God has a plan, one in which He always knew who would belong to whom. My boys are mine, they were not intended to be yours.
9) If you are one of God’s dearly loved children, adoption is your reality because you were adopted into His family.

Enough said! I will talk with ANYONE about adoption or caring for orphans if that ANYONE is open to hear truth.

Please don’t feel sorry for me for being “only an adoptive Mom” or judge me for advocating for children you are uncomfortable about. I live in the joy of God's plan for my life, loving my husband and children with all my heart!

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