Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Theme is Emerging

Twice this week.  And it's only Wednesday. 

Twice this week I have listened...and listened....and listened as single moms told me their story.  And my heart broke as they paused, not able to talk anymore, and simply cried.

I told a mom today, "I have a family who would love to meet you, talk with you, have you over for dinner.  They might be able to take your kids for a few days so you can just have a little time to breath."

She sobbed....and then finally asked, "There are really people out there like that?"

I am convinced more than ever that GOD SEES.  He sees the single mom who is weary and desperate.  And then, he sends in His children to love them.

This mom was married...until they got pregnant with their second child, and their teenage son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  The tumor was removed through surgery, but it left their son an infant.  At this point, husband leaves.  Can't take it. 

Stops working so he won't have to pay child support.

Mom nurses her teenage son back to health, and then works daily to rehabilitate him.  Teaching her teenage son how to dress himself, how to brush his teeth...even how to say, "I love you, Mom."  All while pregnant.

She works a full time job.  So when she applied for child-care subsidies, they state replied, "You make $83 a month over our limit.  If only you didn't work a full time job, then we could help you."

The hits just keep on coming.

And then, someone begs her to call me.  I don't know who it was..but it surely was God.

Tonight, right now, she is talking to her new Family Friend.  A loving, Christ-following family who want to pour out love and grace onto this woman. 

Unfortunately, this is the theme that happening over and over and over again across my city..your city...every city in the US.  Modern day widows, left by their husbands, often with no parents to teach them, guide them, love them.

And here is where the Church steps in...or should step in. 

I long for the answer.  How do we minister to these women and children?  How do we help them move from despair to hope?

My heart is overwhelmed.  That is a song I love right now.  But, the song writer is singing of how his heart is so overwhelmed by the love of Christ.  Knowing all that Jesus did for His life and in His death...our response should be one of being overwhelmed by His grace and love.  But at times since moving to SC, my heart is overwhelmed with heartache.  I cry over these women because I just hear how lonely and desperate they are.  There have been more than one occasions in which I burst into tears driving home from talking to these broken moms.

I want to help them all. I want to love them all.  I want to find families to love them all. 

The fields are white.....

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