Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Feel So Alone

"I feel so alone."

"No one cares if I am alive or dead."

"I should have given my son up for adoption."

"I have no hope."

I heard these four sentences from three different women in ONE week. 

Is this acceptable?!

I want to scream at all my "Christian" neighbors.  I want to scream at all the pew-sitters.  I want to scream at family. 

It's all about LOVE.

OK - so if I scream at them...they probably would not then listen to my message.  I will concede that.  But, let me tell you about a few of the women I am working with.

Jane is a pregnant young adult.  She is no longer a minor.  Her well-to-do parents told her to get an abortion.  She refused and so they kicked her out of the house calling her worthless.  She is now homeless, pregnant with no one to support her.

Betty is a mom of two and pregnant with number three.  Living in the country with no job, no car and no one to support her, she is depressed and cries all day long.  The "men" in her life call her  a worthless, scum-bag, no-good whore.

Stacy is a mom of two.  She struggles with post-partum depression and is convinced she is a worthless mother because her own mother tells her that every day.


All three are beautiful women - soft spoken, pretty, petite and educated.  And all three feel worthless.

And yet...the God of the universe sent His son to DIE for them.  They have WORTH!   Great value!  For  God...THE sacrifice His child, a beloved son...they have VALUE.

Who is going to tell them they are loved?  Who is telling them they are valuable?

When did our society get so pessimistic that we allow women...MOMS...who are doing a good job parenting their feel WORTH NOTHING?

It is time to start loving them.

I post a picture of Joe and I on the beach...and 27 people "like" the photo. 

I post a request for some people to pour love into these women....and I get 2 "likes" - both from women up in WI! 

I keep wondering what God is doing in my life....that could probably be a series of posts.  I know this now...God is asking me to step up in the love game.  Start loving family, my neighbors and even those who are very hard to love.  Why?  Because I keep being brought back to how God loved us even when we were yet sinners, awful, mistake-making creatures.  His LOVE is what draws me near and then keeps me close. 

When did following Christ become about church rituals?  Repetitious prayers?  Pressed skirts and new hymnals?  When did it become more about following a set of rules than loving the way Jesus did?

I am so convicted and burdened with this place God has me in...what if that mom needs to hear just once how much God loves her and I don't say it?  What if those children need to be prayed for and over and loved sacrificially and we don't do it?  God DIED for them and are we too busy "doing church" that we miss the opportunity to pour out love on those who need it the most?

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