Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Broken Finger Blues

I know I haven't been blogging often lately....it's because I have the broken finger blues.  I never realized how much I relied on my pinky finger until I was unable to capitalize any letter on the right side of the keyboard...or hit that "a" for the many words that have an "a" in them.

My splint just came off, so this is actually my first attempt at typing without it in 4 weeks.  I have to admit, each time I am using it, it is tingly and a bit sore.

But...the point is it is off!  And I will start blogging regularly again. 

I have so much to say...

...sharing a beach day with a dear friend who is a fellow adoptive mom (we thought when we got together we would figure out how to save all the orphans in the world..instead, we played with hermit crabs, marvelled at the life in a tide pool, and wondered why in the world was that alligator puking up tennis balls!  See I have a ton to share!)

....having a dear new friend - more like a little sister- come visit me and how we had long talks about the Bible and God and living our lives the way God intended them to be lived.  And then hearing that some of my family thinks I am crazy for the way I live.  I have to admit, the hurt runs deep.

....how George is coming along.  I realize I have left many of you hanging - not keeping you updated on how he is improving and working so hard at being "kind" and "normal" (our two key words with him).

....how God has used our family devotionals to teach us all lessons about valuing life.

...how Safe Families continues to challenge me, mold me, grow me.

.....how I have just purchased 5 tickets to Medellin, Colombia for a mission trip to love on street kids for a week..and how my daughter who said she would NEVER leave the US on a mission trip told me, "I know God wants me to go".

.....how Eleanor and Harry are getting prepared to go on their own mission trip with their youth group.  And so, yet again, our family has decided against vacations and chosen to SERVE.  I guess that is another reason my family thinks we are crazy.

...how we continue to wait for Anna to truly be ours.  She is ours in our hearts and no one could ever take her away.  A little thing called ICPC in Colorado is holding things up.  The state governments don't like children being moved from state to state without their approval.  Her first adoptive mom has given up her parental rights and has named us Anna's parents.  We have social workers, lawyers and guardian ad litems working with us and for us....but we sure could use your prayers that this would finalize SOON!

See...I could probably write 5 or 6 blog posts just on these things that are popping into my head with only one cup of coffee.  I am thankful my finger healed - and amazed at how God created these bodies that would and could heal a broken bone! 

Hang in there - I have been quiet for a long time, so the posts are ready to come pouring out now.

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I can't wait to hear!!