Sunday, May 27, 2012

God Sees

Joe and I attended a special event at our church tonight where we heard the stories from a missionary our church supports.  They live in Africa.  And we were convinced that we would go and be even further inspired to go to Africa.  Ever since we "lived" there while adopting George, we have said we left our heart there.  We have told everyone, "We will go back and live there."

We were anxious to listen and learn about what these missionaries are doing in west Africa....and we waited on the Holy Spirit to move in our hearts.  Waiting for a nudge or a leading that would say, "This is where I am sending you."  The Spirit was pretty quiet.  I kept waiting.  Not much came.

Then, our pastor took the microphone and talked about how God broke the hearts of these missionaries for a people...the people of this country in Africa.  But..they in turn would ask YOU...who is God breaking YOUR heart for?

And that is  when the hammer slammed against my chest. 

God HAS been breaking my heart.  Now, my heart breaks and will always breaks for the fatherless of the world...and I will be obedient if God asks us to adopt again.  But, God has placed a "people group" in my life who literally keeps me up at night and causes me to cry into my pillow.

My heart breaks for single moms.  Modern day widows.  Many of whom are also part of the fatherless. 

I have been blessed here in SC to be able to do this ministry work without having to change a law first - thank you, Lord!  And so, even though SFFC is in it's infancy in SC, I have been working with several modern day widows...and the common theme I hear after several conversations is this, "I feel so alone."

And I remember a story in the Old Testament.  A story of a mom who was rejected and left with no husband..her child with no father.  It is the story of Hagar.  Hagar was a maidservant, probably from Egypt, who was a part of Sarai and Abram's household.  Sarai was not getting pregnant, and so she insisted Abram sleep with Hagar.  Hagar, became pregnant and enmity developed between the two women.  Sarai eventually caused Hagar to run away...I always find it interesting how Abram didn't go after Hagar, he wasn't being a husband or a father at all. 

Who DID pursue Hagar?


The Bible says, "The angel of the Lord found Hagar near a spring in a desert" (Gen. 16:7a)  The angel ministries to Hagar, encouraging her and even making her a promise.  The story goes on to say this, "She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: "You are the God who sees me," for she said, "I have now sees the One who sees me."

God sees.

God sees the broken hearted women. 

And He pursues them.

I got a text from a mom I am working with.  She felt overwhelmed at the amount of groceries one of my host families took over to her house.  She wrote, "I don't deserve this."

And I was moved to write back very simply, "God loves you and He sees you.'

If this is the message God wants me to share, I will.  Because I know....

God sees.

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what beauty in a broken heart -