Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To Get God

Our church is studying Galatians.  I always love diving into a book of the Bible and studying it verse by verse.  Side note:  If you are not in a church that does that...you need to find one that does!  Knowing God's word and studying it is so important!  OK - enough preaching :)

One phrase that was repeated over and over again was,
"The gospel changes everything!"

I have not been able to stop thinking about those 4 words all week!  I have been overwhelmed with the idea of reminding myself on a daily basis exactly what the gospel is.  Unfortunately, I have believed for so long that the gospel message was a one and done kind of message.  Yea, I've heard that before and I believed...so I don't need to hear it again, right?  The gospel is the milk..I want meat now! 

But hearing the gospel and experiencing the gospel and knowing the gospel on a daily basis IS what changes everything!

When I sit and simply reflect on the gospel message...the message that I am a sinner, hopeless and without a future, and that God longed to redeem my life so He sent Jesus to live the life I should have lived and die the death I should I have died in order for me to be FORGIVEN and RESTORED to life with God.  I mean...wow...shouldn't that message floor me every single day?  The God of the universe chose to save me? 

And knowing that...changes EVERYTHING!

The best thing about the gospel message is that I get God.  I get to have a relationship with Him.  Like I said on Sunday night at our lifegroup...I get to get God! 

That is like the cherry on top of the sundae...or the bow on top of the biggest present!  I get to get God!

Reality sets in....and suddenly having God in my life seems not-so special or not-very cool.  I want more.  I want the whole ice-cream store or an entire house full of presents.  And I take for granted the beauty and the magnificence of a relationship with God!

Why isn't getting God enough for me?

It is in THOSE moments that I MUST preach the gospel to myself.  I MUST remind myself how amazing the gift of salvation IS. 

And then...everything changes.

Then...I want to LOVE more...I want to SERVE more...I want to FORGIVE and SHOW MERCY more.  Not because religion tells me to..but because I get to get God and because I get to get God, His love oozes out of me. 

Galatians 1:15 says, "..God, who set me apart from birth, and called me by his grace...".  So...God...chose me, set me apart at my birth and then called me by his grace...that changes everything!

I have a very realistic example of this...being set apart from birth and called by God's grace.  Actually I have TWO...or actually more like SIX examples of this.  I know all my children have been set apart.  They are all pursing God in their own relationships and there is nothing that brings my heart more joy than to know that my children love the Lord.

But one in particular warms my heart and that is Anna.  And her story..for another day.

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amymay said...

Oh Traci, love this! Thank you!