Monday, April 30, 2012

To Follow Jesus' Steps

Yesterday, the heaven's rejoiced.  The angles sang.  And Jesus smiled.

Yesterday, George was baptised.  George decided it was time to tell the world that he wants to follow Jesus' steps. 

I wrote about the decision before.  George had been talking about baptism for a long time.  We always hesitated because as his parents, we were not sure if he REALLY understood what baptism was about. all honest...the morning of his baptism, we were pretty sure he totally DID NOT understand. 

The enemy was at us all..full force.

George argued with me over clothes...which he hasn't done for over a month.  The weather forecast was sunny and 90 degrees.  George put on jeans and a denim long sleeve shirt.  Sigh.  Then, George yelled at Isabel, "This is MY day.  It's all about ME.  Don't make ME mad.  I want everyone to think about ME!"

Joe and I were so sad. 

We walked out to our porch and quickly prayed together begging God to shelter our home and our children through this morning. 

We KNOW the enemy would rather George stay angry and RAD-like and turn a baptism into a display about himself.  But..we would NOT let that happen.  We are fighting for our son's life!

Joe had a long talk with George.  Then, I had a long talk with George. 

And we asked him, "George...why do you REALLY want to be baptised today?"

He thought a long time and then answered quietly, "I really want to follow in Jesus' steps.  And I know I haven't been like Jesus today."

We prayed together and made it to church, still praying that God would be with us all.

It was an absolutely beautiful day.  Our church was celebrating it's 5th birthday!  So, we had a huge picnic in the parking lot and a portable baptism was brought in for the 15 people who had DECIDED to make a public declaration of their love and devotion to Jesus. 

George became very quiet and nervous as he waited for the baptism to start.  I recognized the look on his face:  he could go one of two ways - freeze or fight.  I prayed again.

It came time for George to climb into the baptismal.  As the pastor shared a little about his story, George bowed his head and I noticed tears streaming out of his eyes.  He was crying.  He was asked about why he was choosing to be baptised and he quietly answered ,"Yes sir."  He was then dunked into the water....and the brought out of the water!  From death to life!

The entire church cheered for this little boy who was
Who is NOW:
             Adopted into God's family.
                              Thought of.

It is ONLY through the love of Christ that this broken, hurting child will ever heal!  It is ONLY through the love of Christ that George will in turn love again.  And it is only through the love of Christ that George will know how loved he is.

I asked George why he cried.  He said, "Because I was thinking of how I love Jesus so much."

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