Monday, April 2, 2012

George Has Decided.....

I know many of you remember reading about George hearing about Jesus Christ for the first time. His reaction was amazing! He threw his arms into the air and began singing, "Jesus loves me." Then, he told us how he wanted to go tell everyone about this Jesus. It is a moment Joe and I will never forget. You can go back and read about it here...

Obviously, we have had rough times since then. There have been many, many moments where George announces that he no longer believes in God. He often tells me he has an evil voice in his head telling him what to do. George also blames Jesus..he'll say, "Jesus didn't help me do the right thing, " when he gets into trouble. And, just a few weeks ago, as we were sitting in the counselor's office, George asked me, "Is it OK if I hate God?"

All of that is the RAD speaking. George knows how much God means to me and our family, so he purposefully, uses that to try to hurt us or disrupt us. I have learned not to take these offenses personally and that is the way to diffuse George in those moments. And instead of getting angry or frustrated with him, I turn to God in prayer.

George's verse for the year is all about LOVE...and so, in desperation I pray these words:

"Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children, and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us." Ephesians 5:1

I pray that George would become an imitator of God.

I pray that George would KNOW he is a dearly loved child.

I pray that George would live a life of LOVE.

And I pray that George would KNOW how much Christ loves him.

Every day. This is my prayer. It never changes and it is that simple.

Joe and I truly believe that it is impossible for George to attach to us without first attaching to God and understanding that pure and amazing love.

George told his counselor a few weeks ago about his desire to be baptized. When the counselor asked him why, he said he wanted to be clean and start over. In my Baptist world and mind-set, I wasn't sure that was a good enough reason to be baptized. Isn't the "right" answer that he wanted to make a public declaration about his decision to follow Jesus?

His counselor pulled me into his office and said, "Why can't you just say yes to this?"

And so...I said yes. But first George had to talk to one of our pastors.

Yesterday, after service, one of our pastor's pulled George and I into his office to ask George some questions.

George clearly told the pastor what he knew about Jesus. "Jesus came to earth to die for our sins. He took the punishment for us..for all the bad stuff we do."

The pastor asked George about baptism.

"You go under the water and it's like Jesus dying and then you come back up and it's like Jesus coming back to life. I want that.."

The pastor asked George if he was baptised, did that mean he would do nothing wrong now?

"No..I will still make mistakes."

So...will God stop loving you when you make mistakes?

"No...God will love me forever."

They talked some more and then the pastor said to George, " are going to have an amazing story to tell some day about how you have been adopted twice! You are part of this family who God clearly brought to you, and now you are going to be part of God's family. Do you know He is your father, too?" George nodded and smiled. "You are going to be able to tell so many people about this amazing love that comes from God!"

And, I had HOPE. Again...a real sense of HOPE for George.

George Bush Weldie will be getting baptised at the end of this month. And I can't wait to celebrate this decision and to look forward to the life to come. I still cling to the final chapter in Hosea and believe in the promise God gave me. And I understand that it is going to take WORK and TIME and a complete RELIANCE on God. And...I am OK with that.


Brian & Amy said...

Praising God with you!!!

SuzieQ said...

Yeah!!! Oh yes, the WI contingency is praying for George and so excited about his decision. God's rich blessings continue for you and your beautiful family. HUGS!

Michaela McCoin said...

Beautiful post, beautifully written! How wonderful that he truly knows the answers to those questions.

I remember with our eldest, someone asked her what she had learned from me. Her response was telling. She said, "I learned that it is okay to be really, really mad at God. That he is big enough to take it!"

I loved that. She could be real with God. And that is the true beginning of relationship.

Evereything has not gone as I would have dreamed for her, but I am not in charge of her story. Nevertheless, she was baptized, she KNOWS she is loved, and is someday going home!