Monday, February 13, 2012

Self Control

As I sat down to pray about Lincoln's verse for the year, I knew I wanted something that had to do with self-control. While I love Lincoln's passion and his enthusiasm and his...OCD, he needs some real work in the self-control department.
I laugh about the OCD, but he totally drives us crazy with this personality quirk. For example, when Lincoln makes his bed, he OBSESSES about the comforter being straight and smooth, no wrinkles at all. And if it is just a little to the right hanging a bit, he will cry and I mean cry loudly. And he is six!

I am trying to hard to teach him to relax a go with the flow when the bed is messy or if someone sits in your chair. Basically, we are trying to teach him how to have self-control.
So, Lincoln's verse is 1 Thes. 5:6..."So let us be self controlled"
He took one look at his verse and he said, "I really need to work on that, don't I?" And I reassured him that I would be praying this over him each and every morning. He looked up at me and smiled, his oh so sweet Lincoln smile.

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Redeemedmama said...

My six year old son (adopted) does this too. Thank you for sharing. Makes me just want to say thank you to my son now instead of seeing it as a problem! Who doesn't love a kid who makes a nice straight bed..hee hee. You have blessed me today.