Thursday, February 9, 2012

Same Old Same Old

The George of January and February is back. We had a wonderful reprieve - thank you, Lord. But now, the angry, temperamental, vindictive George is back in full swing.
I wondered if the nice-George was being manipulative because his birthday is coming up. Sure enough, George told me a few days ago that he wants a pair of red, Nike shoes. They are $115.00. When I told him that I would love to buy him new shoes, but wondered why they had to be Nike shoes, he flipped out.
"They will make me happy!"
I challenged that...what happens when they break? What happens when your feet grow and they don't fit anymore? Do you stop being happy then? Will it take another pair of hundred dollar tennis shoes to make you happy?
"Yes. I just want stuff. You don't get me stuff that I want." And so, the George who fights over everything came storming back.
How does a mom explain to a very selfish child that STUFF does not equal happiness when that child is convinced that he doesn't have enough STUFF and if he had enough STUFF he would suddenly be happy?
I am trying really hard to stop taking his ridiculousness seriously. Instead of getting angry and letting myself fume over it all day long, I am crying out to God with one phrase, "Help me Jesus."
I turned to God a few days ago and said, "OK...when I cry out 'help me, Jesus', you will understand that means I am focusing on George and not on YOU. So, will you help me get my focus back on you?"
And yesterday, as I was reading the account of Peter walking on water and how he suddenly noticed the wind and the waves and the chaos around him. When Peter's eyes turned to his circumstances, he fell into the water. And he cried out to Jesus, "Help me!" And do you know what comes next....IMMEDIATELY Jesus reached for him.
IMMEDIATELY . That word struck me. Jesus doesn't hold back and let me sputter and swallow water and start to drown...he IMMEDIATELY comes to my rescue. He beckons me to look back at HIM, focus on HIM.
So, I call out "Help me, Jesus." and quickly my thoughts turn to the one who is my rock and my redeemer.
I am thankful I am a child of Jesus...and that Jesus never leaves!


Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

I prayed "Help me, Jesus," the entire morning as I awoke. And all I thought about was Peter, suddenly swamped by waves and choking on water, overwhelmed by what was around him and not looking at the Savior. I felt like Peter. Then I realized I'm not Peter, he at least walked on water for awhile :-) But thank you for writing this today - I am trying to get my focus back, to trust, to keep my eyes on Jesus. Praying for you and yours each day....

SuzieQ said...

Know your WI warriors have you and your dear family in prayer. Can you feel our love? HUGS!

SuzieQ said...

Know your WI warriors are praying for you and your dear family. Can you feel our love? HUGS!