Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Don't Know What is Going On

OK...I can only say one thing.


You have prayed. You have told me that you are praying. Joe and I have been on our knees together each morning. We have laid hands on George and prayed as he slept.

And God has granted us peace.

There IS no other answer. In fact, Joe specifically prayed for a break. He prayed that George would have peace in his heart for a few days.

And we have had several good days.

We went to counseling today and George told the counselor that he has been trying very hard lately. The counselor brought me in and send George to the playroom and told me a few things.

"Again, I want you to realize that George clearly has RAD and ODD."

OK, I believe you, you don't need to tell me again and again.

"You need to start creating a tool-kit of how you are going to respond to his defiance and anger. Second, George's issue is with you and only you. When he fights with the other kids, it is really to get to you."

At this point, I breath a heavy sigh. Gee, thanks...I think.

"But, he knows that he is wrong in the way he treats you. Third, you and your husband are obviously doing a great job of teaching him about God and the Bible. He talked about forgiveness and mercy and grace."

OK...maybe there is hope.

"Finally, George is really smart. I mean really, really smart. There is good and bad in that."


"The good is that he has the ability to really learn life skills and someday be independent. The bad is that now he can be extremely manipulative. RAD + smart = hard."

I left not sure what to think...and honestly, I was angry about some of the details the counselor shared about things George said. And that anger gnawed at me all evening until I yelled. And George looked at me and said, "You don't need to yell at me."

And I replied, "But sometimes that is the only way you listen to me!"

He looked at me...hurt...frustrated.

I looked at him... hurt...frustrated.

And yet, healing came. Peace came back.

We ended our night the way we always do. All the kids and myself (and Joe, when he is home) sitting together in the living room reading our Bibles. We prayed and during that prayer, the peace came back.

I kissed the kids goodnight, tucked them all into the beds and then retired to my room to write this blog. And while I have been writing, George has come into my room three times to apologize and tell me how he really has liked the peace in our home the last few days.

I smiled, kissed his chubby cheeks and told him, "Me too."

So, if you ever wanted to know if your prayers were being answered...THEY ARE.

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Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

Shedding some tears for you tonight, but of a different kind. Praying the peace continues...So, so, so good to read this.