Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giving God the Glory

I grew up often being reminded to give God the glory for anything that I thought I had done. It was a great way to grow up...always being told, "It's not you...it's God." I am sure my parents had to remind me of this often, however, because I was slow to learn the lesson. I wanted the glory. I wanted the praise and the accolades. I wanted it all. It has taken some hard face-first falls to finally get it....although, in all honesty, it is now something Joe and I pray for CONSTANTLY for me (that I keep my pride in check).
So I guess it should be no surprise when one of my offspring would struggle greatly with pride. Yes, my joy-give, Miss Isabel. And yes, she is amazing! She is beautiful, talented, smart, kind, generous, thoughtful, able, strong....and the bad part is that she knows it. She is also the middle child who so desperately wants to shine in order to get some attention. Isabel will work the hardest to get the good grade...or be the top reader in her grade....oh, wait, let me take that back. She is working hard to be the top reader in her SCHOOL. She found out about a girl in the grade above hers that has read more books -and that has now motivated my girl to overcome her competitor. When Isabel's volleyball team lost the 4th grade volley-ball championship game, she moped for days and when she finally talked about it, said one thing, "I am going to learn how to serve overhand so that NO ONE can pass my serves!"
And, man...do I love this girl!
And because I so desperately love her, I want her to get it before I got it. And so, we chose this verse for our dear Isabel:
"Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving teh Lord, not men." Ephesians 6:7
I shared how we passed out the kids' verses, reading them outloud, and making a big deal about each one. Each child smiled and hugged us as we read their verses to them. I didn't mention that Isabel was not so thrilled with her verse. She did not smile. She did not hug us. And I think it is because we struck a nerve.
Isabel will work the hardest...she will stay the longest...she will volunteer the firstest....ha - just wanted to keep the -est thing going. You get the picture. But I have started to wonder what is motivating her. I believe it IS the praise of men. And what the weed I want to uproot and yank out is that weed of pride, that weed that tells Isabel that man's praises mean everything. I know to road that lies ahead if we don't pull that weed out!
I long for Isabel to continue to do her best, shining out in every environment she is in...but I want her to point people to Jesus Christ! So, first things first, I need her to think she is serving the Lord in everything she does.
Despite her not smiling when she got this verse, it is very special to me. Isabel is so much like me when I was a kid. And I believe that by praying this over her every day, she'll be able to point people to Jesus in a powerful way!

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