Friday, February 10, 2012

Bible Verses

You know when you hear an idea and something inside of you just goes, "Wow! I should be doing this!" Well, that happened at the C4C retreat I attended earlier this month. A woman who has parented many children from hard places made a simple suggestion and from that moment on, my mind has been focused on that idea.

The speaker mentioned choosing a scripture for each one of her children and praying that scripture over that child every day for a year. She would write out the verse on a piece of paper, have the child decorate the picture, then laminate it and stick it to the refrigerator as a reminder to both herself and the children. It would remind her to pray. And it would remind the children that mom is praying for them every day.

So, I took some quiet time these past few weeks to pray about a scripture verse for each child. I then presented the idea to Joe who had the same reaction I did, "Of course! Why haven't we been doing this all along?"

I wrote out each verse on a piece of clean, white paper and then got ready for our devotionals last night. After reading Psalm 119 (a part of it) and talking about how God's Word teaches us how to live lives that honor and glorify God, I told them about this idea.

One by one, I had a child stand up as I read their verse to them. Then, they each had some time to decorate their papers. After that, Joe and I prayed over our children right there, quoting their verse into their lives.

I wondered how each of them would respond to never knows! They all smiled. Real, deep smiles. Those smiles showed me that they loved the idea of mom taking the time to chose a verse and then those smiles showed me that they loved the idea of mom praying those verses every day.

The woman at the conference showed us some of her kids' verses. She still has them - years later. I thought that was really cool. you wanna know the verses I chose?

I think I will write a blog entry about each child and their verse....

Tomorrow will be Part 1: Lincoln.


ESolgos said...

Can't wait to hear your verses! Thanks for sharing this beautiful, life-changing idea!

Brian & Amy said...

OH! YES! I have been praying about how to get Scripture into my Littles' hearts...this is a GREAT way to begin! Thank you for sharing this!