Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Were Blessed

I will never forget the day we walked into the CWA orphanage in Addis Ababa and saw George. The first thing that struck me were his beautiful eyes. The second thing I saw were his yellow teeth. I wasn't sure why they were that color, but the clearly were seriously discolored.

We immediately went to a dentist when we got back home to Wisconsin. I thought a good cleaning and maybe some scraping would quickly remedy the problem. No such luck.

I thought maybe we could whiten the teeth with toothpaste. Nothing happened.

Two dentists had no idea what caused the yellowing and on top of that, they didn't know how to treat the teeth.

So, we lived with it. And we told George over and over again that the color of his teeth wasn't a big deal and that we thought he was handsome just the way he was.

One of the results is that I have ZERO pictures of George smiling with his mouth open - if you have noticed, he is always "smiling" with closed lips.

But at school, he was teased.

At the pool, a girl told him he looked like a bumblebee - all black and yellow.

On the bus, kids told him to keep his mouth closed because they wanted to barf when they saw his teeth.

We knew we must do something. The poor child was having to endure daily questions, weekly teasing and harsh cruelty all because of the color of his teeth.

Today...we were blessed!

Upon moving to SC, I literally signed up for a dentist based upon location. Was he close to our house? Yes. Great, consider him our new dentist. He saw all 6 of the kids and myself over Christmas break. Instantly, I knew this was a good man.

We talked about George's teeth. And he said he would have to really think about it. We told him we didn't want "perfect teeth", or veneers...we simply wanted his teeth, but whiter. He totally understood what we were looking for.

He talked about different ideas, each time naming a price. Each time, we didn't flinch, but honestly said that we might not be able to get all 8 front teeth treated at the same time. He, again, totally understood.

This week, George had a day off school, so we scheduled a nice long visit for the dentist to take pictures, x-rays, make impressions, etc. At the end of the visit, he looked at me and said, "I have an idea."

I said, "Go for it!"

He asked me how many teeth we could cover this first time. I answered that we could definitely cover two teeth, maybe four. Knowing his ideas had been costing around $1000 a tooth, I nervously told him to schedule an appointment for his idea and then said a quick prayer to God.

Lord, you know how horrible George feels about his teeth. And you know, that we don't have extra thousands of dollars sitting around the house. I am trusting You...and if we need to cancel, please let me know right away.

Wednesday evening, I get a call. "Can George come in tomorrow?"


"Oh, and the dentist wanted me to tell you that he is going to do George's top 4 front teeth for free."

"Excuse me! Can you repeat that last part?"

"Four has really has a good heart and he has taken to George."

So, George sat in the dentist chair for 3 and a half hours today. I am not exactly sure what was done...something about making teeth that are glued on to his teeth. I don't care what they are...they simply are gorgeous!


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ESolgos said...

That is so cool! God's provision is amazing! And yay for the dentist with the big heart!

The Roberts Six said...

AWESEOME! Isn't it amazing to watch God take care of even the smallest things that matter to us?!

amymay said...

Oh praise God! What an awesome testimony to His glory, to provide for us through everything, praise God! :)