Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not Today....

Anna did NOT become a Weldie today. There was a huge miscommunication between my lawyer and myself. Apparently, today was about awarding custody and not adoption. So, after many phone calls this week, and an interview with Anna's guardian ad litem, we were granted custody of Anna. Officially, she still has her old name and we are not "mom" and "dad" yet.

But...she IS our daughter! No judge or paper or court can take that away from us. Right now, it is simply a formality.

In the meantime...I received a package in the mail of papers from Anna's first adoptive family. Anna had been sent to many professionals, all giving their opinions on her personality, habits and future hopes. When I read the awful, hate-filled words, I sobbed.

One doctor even labeled Anna a SOCIOPATH.

I cringe as I write that word. The stories that filled these pages are NOT my daughter!

Joe and I talked about this...there are only two possibilities:
1. Anna has done a 180 degree turn-around and became a completely different child in 24 hours or
2. The stories were lies.

Oh, there is so much I want to say about disruption. Again..I feel like I have to wait even longer before sharing the details of this story until Anna is truly a Weldie. But, God has used this story to teach me about His redemptive He goes to great lengths to rescue a child...and how desperately He loves each one of us.

God simply refused to let Anna remain in that home. And so...He asked Joe and I to rescue her.

Which has made me many times has God asked you to go to the rescue? And how many times do you/we all ignore that plea? On paper, we should have never brought this sociopath child into our home. Right?

Tell Anna that tonight as she gets hugs and kisses from her brothers and sisters. Tell her than when her daddy sings a silly song as she climbs onto the top bunk of her bed. Tell her that when her momma strokes her face, kisses her forehead and tells her softly, "I love you, Anna."

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Sammie said...

I'm so glad that Anna has become your daughter. Sadly in the world of adoption there are to many people who have no business adopting. Adoption is not always easy, and its full of suprises, sometimes hard ones. None the less, we the parents, have to be flexible and willing to find the resources and help our kids need. I have two son's with histories of trauma, its not always been easy,but they are loved and with help for me, in how to parent them are healing. So glad she is in a home that accepts her and loves her, sorry to hear about her previous experience. Sounds like her previous parents wanting somewhere to place the blame and it was on her. So sad.