Monday, January 16, 2012


I love this picture...

For many reasons!

Maybe because I have shades of "white" even among the children birthed from Joe and I. You should see us in the summer! Some of us...ok, me...tan so well. Others turn bright red, peel and then remain pretty much the same.

Maybe it is because I see the pure, unequivocal beauty in my "milk-chocolate" son and my "dark-chocolate" daughter. I wish I had their silky smooth, no pimples or blemishes!

Maybe it is because someone told my son that "brown boys need brown moms".

Maybe it is because at the playground, a little girl told Anna she couldn't play because she was "too dark".

Maybe it is because I just heard an African American mom say that her daughter, who is very light brown, is the "desired color" there is such a thing?

Maybe it is because we get stared at everywhere we go.

Who decided which shade of flesh was the best or most desirable or too dark or too pale?

Drives me crazy people! And a lot of this comes from Christians! Seriously...what is God going to say in heaven? Dark skinned over there...pale skinned over there....light brown skin over there...pimpled faces over there...hairy faces over there...

Get real....ALL our skin is beautiful and makes for an exciting world!

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ESolgos said...

I love this, Traci! GREAT picture!