Friday, December 2, 2011

A Sweet Relationship

I wish I could write more about sweet Anna! I just don't feel comfortable writing too much on a public I have to pick and chose the things I will share here. But, as we continue to make memories as a family and experience all our "firsts" with Anna, I just have to share how close Lincoln and Anna are becoming.


I think I was like most day-dreaming young women who thought it would be so wonderful to have twins! Twins get so much attention, and you have twice as much to hug and kiss and love. Matching outfits, lots of potential for cute pictures..oh, the list could go on and on.

Then I had ONE baby.

And I said, "Thank you Lord that you didn't give me twins!"

I thought raising one baby at a time was hard enough that I couldn't imagine having TWO at the same time. Obviously, God knew what was best for this momma.

But now, He has blessed me with twins - Lincoln and Anna. Their birthdays are 14 days apart - so while not "officially" twins, these two are considered twins in the adoption world through a process called twinning. It is controversial - anytime you mess with birth order you will get hundreds of opinions and thoughts. When Anna was brought into our life, we didn't really think too long about her exact age, we just said yes.

Now, I am a mom of twins! And I am amazed at how quickly they are adapting to becoming twins. They call each other their twin. They are typically together when they are both home. They look out for each other. It has developed into such a sweet relationship.

A few nights after Thanksgiving, Joe and I set up blankets and comforters across the floor of our bedroom and turned on a movie for the kids to watch after baths and showers. And there were Lincoln and Anna, snuggled up close together laughing and smiling from ear to ear as they watched an old M*ppets movie. Eventually, those two feel into a deep sleep still lying there next to each other as the older kids finished the movie. When it was time for bed, the other 4 walked into their rooms and left a serene scene of our twins, holding hands and fast asleep as they laid on their Pillow P*ts.

Joe took a picture on his phone.

And today, he sent it to me with a simple caption of our precious twins.

I am beyond grateful to the Lord for this adoption experience!

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