Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

It's late on Christmas Day...we have traveled to and from Ohio over the last four days and are all now exhausted. Everyone, but mom, is snug in their beds right now, sleeping peacefully after a wonderful Christmas weekend.

I had to report that it WAS, indeed, a very Merry Christmas.

George was great. In fact, at times, he was downright charming and pleasant to be around.

Prayer works.

But, also, medication seems to be working. A few days before we left for Ohio, I took George to the pediatrician to talk about his ADHD and the medication we had begun. it goes..I am now the mom of a son who needs ADHD medication. God has humbled me..yet again..through this. I was that opinionated home schooling mom who thought ADHD was always over-diagnosed and over-medicated. In my naive ways, I blamed mothers who didn't want to be bothered with their over-active sons. Sigh. God, and time, always seem to correct me from my foolish ways.

So, we started George on meds a few weeks ago. I insisted we start at the minuscule dosage. My doctor kind of laughed at me. Looking back, he knew it would be too low. George responded so well! Joe and I were shocked. Amazed. Stunned. Who was this boy? He was focused. Quieter. Settled.

And about 4 days in, the "old George" was right back.

So, at this latest doctor's visit I explained what had been happening and we both agreed that we should try to next level up. We started the new dosage the day before leaving for Ohio.

And the result? A quieter George. A peaceful George. A George who (for the most part) was a peacemaker.

We had a really nice Christmas! And I am so thankful for that!

God blesses me with these glimpses of what George may be like after the years of healing that need to take place. At lunch, while sitting at Skylin* Chili (YUMMMMM), George brought up the conversation about me having lunch with him when he is a daddy. Obviously, this idea has really stuck with George and he continually asks me if I will be there for him when he is a daddy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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