Monday, December 5, 2011

Lunch and Babies

A few weeks ago, George and I had a very intense discussion. He had been behaving horribly and had been sent to his room to "cool off". At the end of the cool off session, I always go into his room to restore our relationship. We talk.

This particular evening, George asked, "When I am 18, I can leave and never see you again, right?"

I answered, "Well, technically, yes. You can graduate from high school and then decide to leave and never see us again. But, I want you to know that would make Mom and Dad very sad."

"Why?" He asked defiantly with a cold stare coming my direction.

"Because we love you. And we want a relationship with you when you are older."

"What does THAT mean?"

"It means that I want to go have lunch with you when you are in college. It means I want to celebrate when you get married to the woman God has chosen for you. It means I want to visit you when you have your first baby and I want to hold that baby all night."

I can't remember where the conversation went from there. I remember leaving his room defeated and frustrated...wondering if anything I say ever means a hill of beans to George.

That was a few weeks ago and yesterday, in a quiet moment, George came into the kitchen and said, "Momma? I want you to have lunch with me when I am older. And I want you to hold my babies when I am a daddy. Will you promise to do that?"


Jacque said...

Tears...lots and lots of tears over here. Let's do coffee soon.

Peg said...

You are doing everything right.

ESolgos said...

Oh, that is fantastic. Way to go, George and Mommy!

The Roberts Six said...

you are doing a fantastic job! keep it up!

Brownie said...

That was heartwarming :)

I found your blog when I googled "christian mom who blogs and kids go to public school" Your blog came up.

I'm so glad. I haven't read it all but plan to read more. I have blogged for several years and had a circle of homeschooling mom blogs that I followed. Well - now my kids are in public school and I've lost the desire to blog - because I haven't found a new "circle" I thought that there MUST be other sincere Christian moms who send their kids to public school. So I wanted to say thanks for being here :)