Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Break

This Christmas break has been FUN!

First of all, my oldest three are getting to be such a wonderful age. I love the teen and tween years - yes, I will at again....I love the teen and tween years. Of course, we have attitudes every now and then, but for the most part, Eleanor, Harry and Isabel are funny, witty and just a delight to be around. We laugh a lot. And then we have some pretty serious, deep conversations. Oh, friends and family, if THIS is the result of home schooling those three for the first two (or six) years of their schooling, it was WELL WORTH IT!

As for the younger three - things ARE getting better. George is responding to his ADHD meds. I am a little afraid (after a pretty rotten day today) that yet again, this dosage is too small. We will see - and continue on this level for a few more weeks before making that decision. We are finding what works right now for discipline. There is no yelling, no emotion, no fighting - I refuse to engage in his arguments anymore. If he has done something that is unacceptable, I simply tell him he needs to go to his room. We have moved a digital clock into his room and I tell him the exact time he can come out. Before the time is up, I go in and calmly tell him why he is in his room, talk about a different/better choice could have been made and then remind him of the time in which his time out is over. The difference now is noticeable - he will now go to his room without an argument (usually - although today he told me he was calling the police and telling them I was sending him to his room - I said, "Go for it!"), and when he has calmed down, he LISTENS to me. He never did that before. So maybe now, he can start really learning because he is finally able to concentrate. So good.

Lincoln is...well...Lincoln. The kid cracked me up so much at my in-laws Christmas party. He come sauntering into the living room, having JUST learned how to snap. He then throws down a few Mich*el J*ckson moves, with the snap, and asks for his relatives to vote HIM the best entertainment of the night. There are times when he is so grown up - off on his own, exploring, playing with George in the empty lot behind us, holding the door open for me, that I get excited about the man he will become. But, he still finds himself comfortably sitting in my lap every night, wrapping his arms around his momma and telling me how much he loves me, which reminds me how he is still my little guy.

We have had the most significant and wonderful changes in Anna this Christmas break. Now, in all reality, they have been coming. But this past week, Anna has sighed a HUGE SIGH. First of all, she mourned. She sat in my lap and sobbed about her Africa Mommy. She tells the same story over and over again about seeing her mommy walk on some rocks, slip, and hit her head so hard she died. She always says the other ladies wouldn't let Anna see her mommy anymore - she couldn't say goodbye. This week, she sobbed "I miss her so much!" All I could do was hold her and love her and listen to her. And then, she wiped the tears from her eyes, kissed my cheek and toddled off.

Something changed in that moment.

Something beautiful emerged.

And Anna started singing. And tonight, she DANCED! Now, to back up, we are a singing and dancing family. We always have music on and will break into funny dances at any given chance. Anna has NEVER joined us. She has always skirted off to a corner where she would just watch us and politely shake her head "no" when we asked her to join us.

Not tonight.

She danced until she had sweat on her brow. And it was the sweetest tasting sweat I have ever kissed.

Good news: We finalize our adoption of Anna on January 18th!!! On that day, I can tell you Anna's story and you, too, will be amazed at her transformation.

I hope you all had just as merry a Christmas break! God bless.

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