Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Orphan Sunday

My family and I decided to host The Orphan's Table for Eleanor's teen girl's Bible study. It was an amazing night...but this post is about George.

Knowing this would incite anxiety in George, we discuss at length - for days - what the night would entail. We gave him the option many times to stay home, rather than be in a place where people would be talking about orphans, orphanages, eating "a typical orphan meal", etc. He kept saying he understood.

But, clearly he didn't.

And as the hour grew closer and closer for us to go, George got more and more anxious. And in George, that feeling manifests itself as anger and meanness. Our last afternoon started spiraling out of control: George being nasty, Anna sobbing, Eleanor saying mean things, Harry about ready to throw-down....Joe and I realized we had better turn to the Lord.

We brought all the kids into the living room and started to pray. And then, we decided to have so real honest talk. In that conversation, we talked a lot about what it meant to be an orphan and what it meant to be in a family. George, admitted, that he still thinks only about himself and that it is very hard for him to think about how what he says or does might hurt or affect those in his family. He can ONLY think about how HE feels and how HE thinks. At least he was honest.

Then, his fear came out. "Are we going to an orphanage?"

"No, son. This is a really nice house where the girls meet for Bible study."

"Are you going to leave me there?"

I was surprised. "No, buddy."

By the grace of God, we worked our way through this very complicated issue and assured George that he was part of our family and what we were about to do was teach teenage girls about the life of millions of orphans around the world. George and I snuck away to the computer and looked at the waiting children back in his orphanage in Addis. It hit him then...if we can tell more people about the orphans waiting..maybe someone will adopt them.

We got to the house and George and I had a deal..if he didn't want to talk (which is his usually posture), he wouldn't have to and I would share things that he has told me. But, if he wanted to talk...he was more than welcome to add his experience to anything we were saying.


While we were eating the orphan food, George told the girls that he ate 1 time a day.

The girls were stunned.

Then, George talked about the dirty water and having to walk a long way to get it.

Then he said he went to bed hungry every night.

At another point in the evening, we were leading the girls through scripture about God's heart for the orphan, and George was sprawled out across the center of the living room floor, just chillin'. And HE would answer the questions I posed after each Bible verse!

What change! Oh, how I LOVE these moments where I see such progress! I had a glimpse of a confident, caring young boy...and it was a beautiful sight.

Oh, Lord...keep me in this race until I see the finish line!

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Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

"Lord, keep me in this race until I see the finish line." I needed to read that tonight.

Thank you.

Praying for you and yours....