Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Lunch Date

On Thursday, the little kids had a Thanksgiving Feast at their school. You know, the amazing cafeteria turkey (that hardly looks like turkey), bland unsalted mashed potatoes, and a dollop of cranberry gel like stuff. I could hardly wait when Anna and Lincoln invited me to come to lunch and eat with them!

Seriously, I was excited! I have had a baby or a little one home with me for so long, it has been over 15 years since I was able to go hang out with my kids for a special lunch at school. So despite the flavorless meal set before me, I really enjoyed my lunch time. Anna was crawling all over my lap and Lincoln was telling me all about his classmates and cracking jokes. When lunch was over, they both hugged me tight, planted wet kisses on my cheeks and then sailed off with their classes with huge smiles on their faces.

Earlier that morning, I had asked both George and Isabel if they would want me to stay and eat with them, knowing they ate at a later time.

"Nah..", said Isabel very hum-drum like.

"No way!", followed George.

OK - my feelings were not hurt and I just thought I would come on home after the Kindergarten lunch. But, as I sat at my special table, decorated with hand-made turkey place mats and paper tablecloths, and watched my twins walk away happily, I had an idea.

I would stay until the 3rd graders came in and offer to stay and eat with George. No pressure.

George came into the cafeteria and was totally surprised to see me there. And to MY surprise, he wrapped his arms around me and said, "Momma! You're here!" as if he never thought I would be there.

"Do you want to have lunch with me? I stayed just to see if you and I could have a date?"

The smile on his face said it all. Of course, he wanted to have lunch with me.

I took George over to my special little table and we talked and laughed as we ate. It was a bonus when a boy in George's class joined our table with his mom. We talked about the usual stuff moms and boys who are 8 years old talk, video games, and what Santa is going to bring for Christmas.

The time went by very quickly and when George saw his class rise to leave the cafeteria, he paused and gave me another bear hug.

"Thanks for eating lunch with me, buddy."

"I love you, Momma."

We hugged and I told him he better hurry up to catch his class. He quickly walked off and joined his class at the back of the line. And then he looked see if I was still watching him...and he smiled and waved.

I texted Joe, "I stayed to have lunch with George. Best decision I have made in a long time!"


The Roberts Six said...

great job, mama!

The PW and Mom said...

Too sweet. It seems like sometimes it's just the small, simple little things that mean so much to our kids. I think it's the tiny things like this done over and over that do so much to heal little hearts. Glad George got you, mom!