Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Grateful Project

My dear friend, Amy, comes up with the coolest ideas....the latest being The Grateful Project. And again...I am going to "steal" her idea...or maybe it sounds better if I am going to "join her" in this project.

On FB, I will post each day something I am thankful for. It is fitting to do so in November because of Thanksgiving. Truly, Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday! I love making the turkey and all the fixin's, I love sitting around the table talking about what we are thankful for, I love the smell in the kitchen and the stuffed feeling at the end of the day. Love it all!

I usually pull out our Thankful Box (I am sure I have written a post about that someone - I will try to find it and link here) one week before Thanksgiving and then let the kids fill the box with their thoughts of thankfulness. After we eat our feast, we pass the box around the table and each person reads one of the thoughts. It will be extra fun this year because my mom and dad will be joining us!

So, I am going to focus on being thankful this month.....and in the spirit of continuing to copy are some pictures from around our house :)

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