Monday, October 24, 2011

Trip To Ohio

We took a little, whirl-wind trip back to Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the city where Joe and I met, where we dated for 2 years and where he asked me to marry him. We have been back before with the kids, driving around in the car and saying things like, "That is where Mommy used to live." And then, "This is the street Daddy's apartment was on."

But this trip seemed different. We stayed right on the Ohio River and had the opportunity to walk around downtown Cincinnati. This is where Joe and I had so many dates and where we spent so much of our two years while we both lived here. It really was FUN!

Plus..our kids are getting to an age where THEY are fun! Our older ones have such a good sense of humor and they can make me laugh so hard. No longer do I need to carry around a diaper bag or make sure someone is getting to bed on time. It's pretty wonderful to watch my kids grow up into their own people.

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