Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How God Works

God gets the glory.

And here is how He is doing just that in Wisconsin today.

Finally, the Senate will be voting on AB30, The Safe Families Bill. It was one year ago this week that I sat in an office in the state house in Madison and heard the head of DCFS say, "You will never be allowed to do Safe Families in Wisconsin."

It was one year ago this week that I cried in my car driving home from Madison, praying that God would do something.

It was one year ago this week that I determined to keep moving forward. God said, "Keep fighting." So, I did. I recruited families. I placed two little boys.

And then God moved. Along comes Representative Dale Kooyenga. He said, "I'll do this with you." And Representative Kooyenga got busy in Madison.

I and prayed. And I begged everyone I knew in Wisconsin to send emails and make phone calls to their Representatives in Madison. We were making progress!

Then, dum-dum-dum (enter scary music)...the Budget Repair Bill hit. Sigh. Everything halted in Madison - and don't even get me started about the teacher's unions and the ridiculous protests, but I guess from that statement you know how I feel about it all.

God continued to move. He pricked the hearts of certain people in Madison who continued to carry the torch even through the muck of the protests and the fighting and the yelling and the name-calling. Quietly, our little bill stayed alive.

We passed the Assembly committee. We passed the Assembly. We passed the Senate committee. Then....STALL.

I have so much to say about a certain Senator who was annoyed at hearing from his constituents..but I will save THAT for another shout-out after the bill is signed by the governor!

Because of this STALL...we faced uncertainty. Will we ever get this bill to a vote in the Senate? Will it just die here in committee land?

I moved. Now what? I KNOW this is so much bigger than one stay-at-home mom, but who was going to be the bull-dog now?

Um....Traci....you are so foolish sometimes...I AM GOD.

So, here is where it gets really cool! Apparently, a few years ago, this certain Senator had a certain man as his chief of staff. Well...that certain man was called into active duty and had to leave WI, and his job as this Senator's chief of staff. He moved to a state where Safe Families is legal and he and his wife BECAME a Safe Family! Then, in late September, this certain man called up the certain Senator and said, "Hey! I am in town for the night...let's catch up over dinner!" The certain Senator said, "Sounds good."

And over the course of a two hour dinner, the certain man told the certain Senator about this amazing ministry he was involved with..."it's called Safe Families and it is changing our lives and our community". The certain Senator had a light-bulb moment...Safe Families sounds familiar.."oh yes...I have a piece of legislation sitting on my desk waiting for a vote."

God...ONLY God could have orchestrated that dinner. Only God could have known that the once chief of staff for the certain Senator who was holding up a certain piece of legislation would someday become a Safe Family and then advocate for it with NO IDEA that the certain Senator needed to put it to a vote!

To God be the glory!

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Brian & Amy said...

Yay!!!! God writes the BEST stories!!!