Friday, October 28, 2011

Heart Gallery

I brought home a flier from the adoption conference that I purposefully laid out in the kitchen, waiting to see how my family would respond. The flier is the South Carolina Heart Gallery. If you are not sure what a Heart Gallery is, it is a photograph and description of several children who are available for adoption through the foster care system.

I was heart broken when I looked at the flier. Too many children who have no family. Too many children who just want a hope of a future. Too many children that will continue to be overlooked because they are "too old" or "too broken" or "too messed up". But, what I read were descriptions of my own children...loves music, likes to dance, loves to laugh and play...wants to know the love of a family.

I decided to keep the flier to pray for these kids. But I was curious as to what my children would say.

One by one, my children read or looked at the flier.

Eleanor looked at the flier and noticed that many of the kids were around her age and she said, "They deserve a special mom and dad."

Harry read every word and was very quiet afterward. We ended up having an amazing conversation about people in our lives who are so concerned with making their lives comfortable they are missing out on a life of meaning.

Isabel read the flier and then told me how sad she was, but felt lucky that she was not on that flier.

George announced all those kids need a mom and dad and it isn't good to be a kid alone.

Lincoln looked at the pictures, asked me the kids' names and then said, "We have room in our car for one more! Let's adopt again!"

Anna looked at the pictures for quite a while, didn't say anything and then walked over and hugged me.

Can I just insert here how much I love and adore ALL my children?

Joe shed a tear. He was particularly drawn to a young lady who was beautiful and said really funny things about what she likes.

We all agreed to keep the flier and to keep on praying for these kids.

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