Friday, September 30, 2011

The Orphan's Table

My love for advocacy for the orphan has not diminished at all! In fact, I have been praying for a few years that God would open up opportunities for me to share the news about orphans.

Orphan Sunday is coming up on November 6th so I thought I would throw something out to the youth leaders at the church we are attending. I said, I would be willing to host the

Orphan's Table. And guess what?

They said, "Sounds like a great idea! Let's get together and talk about it."

So...we will meet next week.

I also decided to join the local alliance for orphans. No, I am not leading an orphan ministry. No, I am not representing Safe Families. No, I am not doing really anything other than refusing to put out the Holy Spirit's fire. God has put this burning into my soul and I need to continue to feed the fire...letting it burn!

Our experiences in adopting orphans could not be more different. But both of my children are so broken and need so much love. And they both need to feel God's love. And KNOW God's love. And then, I think of the other 150 million orphans in the world who don't know God's love and my heart breaks. I have trouble keeping the tears at bay.

There are children going to sleep tonight in Africa who are HUNGRY, have not been kissed goodnight or tucked into a warm, comfortable bed. And that continues to




YOU can host the Orphan's Table! Check it out here and see how YOU can bring the message to your community, your family or your church.

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