Thursday, September 1, 2011

Created For Care

I am so, so excited that God gave me a little miracle today. I was invited to attend the Created For Care Retreat for adoptive moms. It is in Georgia, only a few hours away. It is also in January - awesome! I mean, who does anything in January?

So, I decided to go. I was told to register right away because last year it sold out in 2 days. About 10am, I went to the side to register. I got all the way through until the payment portion. Some crazy stuff started happening, I was told I HAD to use my P*yP*l account. I used that account about 6 years ago when I bought something off eb*y. I haven't touched it since then. I kept getting this message, 'You still have money in the account." I had to laugh. I know I have .08 in there. Seriously, .08 and they are still insisting I use that account to pay for the retreat. And trust me, the retreat is way more than eight cents!

So, I got frustrated and stopped. I had tried to enter my credit card number 3 times and each time I was kicked out of the payment section and told that I had to use my P*yP*l account.

Literally, within 5 minutes, the retreat was SOLD OUT.

I was bummed.

Add that to being a single parent for the third straight week and I about lost it. In fact, I did lose it. I let myself cry. I was truly sad that I couldn't even get this one weekend get-away.

Then, around 5pm, I get this email that says, "You must have been kicked out during your registration, you have 24 hours to complete your registration."


So, I went back to the site and tried the same credit card number. I paused a minute before I hit "enter", even cringing in anticipation that I would get that same message. But, instead, I got in!

I know it is months away. And I know it is only one weekend for other adoptive moms. But, oh, how the Lord knew I could use this time of refreshment.

Thank you, God, for this little miracle. You showed me that You see me.

Here is the link to the retreat, in case you want to go next year :) Created to Care

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