Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

I have had a poor attitude lately. I love change and I was excited to move. But the reality is moving is hard. Change is hard.

Joe challenged me to develop an attitude of gratitude. And I have read many blogs that are purposefully writing about things they are grateful for. it goes.

I am grateful for our new home. We have so much room! We never feel like we are on top of each other.

I am grateful for a steady income, health insurance and work in a job market that looks very bleak.

I am grateful for my children's schools and teachers. Once I finally was able to move Eleanor and Harry to magnet schools, I have been so impressed with their education. I absolutely love Anna's teacher (who absolutely loves Anna!), and Lincoln's teacher is really pushing him educationally. George's teacher is good and Isabel is enjoying her teacher a great deal.

I am grateful for the boys' soccer. I put Lincoln and George into a church based soccer program. I love it! Not so over-the-top competitive and the coaches pray with their teams and talk about Jesus during half time. And...both the boys are proving to be decent players.

I am grateful for good neighbors. We have a older man next door who loves Gunnar - almost as much as we do! And on the other side, is a family with 4 kids. Anna plays with Sarah Grace. Harry plays with Eli. And Eleanor gets a ride with the two high school boys.

I am grateful for my Bible study. I hated it the first day. I cried and wanted to leave. But now, I laugh, I cry (the good kind of cry) and I look forward to each Wednesday. And these ladies are encouraging me to grow in the Lord.

I am grateful for my husband having a home office when he isn't traveling. We have discovered the joy of sneaking off for morning walks followed by a brunch where we talk about everything.

I am grateful for the weekends when we are all together as a family. We have done things like ocean visits, mountain climbs and zoo discoveries.

I am grateful that the Lord is always with me, never forsaking me (even when I deserve it) and teaching me to trust Him completely.

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Brian & Amy said...

and we are grateful for YOU trac! Love you!!! When you practice praise, it comes more naturally! <3