Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Kids are My Idol? What???

God got my attention yesterday. After whining and complaining for days...He finally stepped in and made a point.

I have been making my kids an idol.

Typically, I would scoff at that - I don't idolize my children.

What God taught me was that I am CONSUMED with them.

I think about them all the time - how are the doing in school? Are they making friends? Are they getting enough to eat at lunch? Are they behaving? Are they being good for their teachers? How did they do on their quiz? On and on and on.....

I wouldn't say I worry about that. I wouldn't say that can't function during the day without them.

I would say they CONSUME most of my quiet thoughts.

And that is WRONG.

God wants me to meditate on CONSUMED with HIM.

God reminded me that those 6 children are HIS. I should know this better than most - for I have two that I call my own even though I did not give birth to them and did not raise them for the first 5 years of their lives. Yet, I call them mine. Really, all of "my" kids are God's precious children. He has entrusted their care here on earth to me and that's it....He does the rest.

He watches over them day and night. He sees what they are doing. He provides. He teaches. He guides. thoughts are going to be CONSUMED with my FATHER.

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