Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why My Kids Were Chosen....

Being hundreds of miles away and hearing that my children were part of a group that experienced a drowning was so difficult. Immediately, my mind was filled with "what ifs". What if my kids were causing problems and distracted the ones in charge? What if we weren't in SC, then my children would not have been there adding six more kids to watch? What if my kids wore out the boy who drowned? What if my kids demanded more attention, more food, more watching?

I texted Eleanor from South Carolina and begged her to tell me if any of the kids were involved in this tragedy.

My kids happened to be on a boat at the time. So then I asked, "What if my kids made it so that Tyler couldn't go on the boat? What if my kids had stayed on the beach and let Tyler get on the boat?"

My kids have gone through so many emotions. They felt horrible that they were having fun when it happened. They felt guilty that they were not there to help. They felt helpless that they couldn't go out in the water and help search. They felt anger as they heard the beach-goers grumble about having to clear out of the water. And, they felt despair.

They had just experienced an afternoon of joy and fun and giggles and hot-dogs and laughs. They had spent hours playing in the water, in the sand and having the kind of afternoon kids dream about having! And then, they got to go on a boat ride and get on inner-tubes in the lake.

And then, they saw panic and they saw police. They keep telling me they were being shielded from the family's true emotions, but Eleanor and Harry understood. All they could do was pray. And so...they did.

Eleanor quickly learned a lesson in priorities. She had been moping around about moving. Now, she is grateful that she has her life and her family who loves her.

Harry was sobered about his seizures. There is a possibility that this boy might have had a seizure which led to the drowning. That has affected Harry. And he is grateful how the Lord has healed him from his past seizures, yet concerned that he still feels "off" sometimes. (Note to self: see a neurologist when we move).

George and Lincoln have asked many questions about heaven. They talk a lot about their day with Tyler and then ask me what I think Tyler is doing in heaven.

Isabel and Anna haven't said anything.

And then, we received a precious note from the aunt of Tyler. She is the mom of the girls who were watching my kids. She has been worrying about MY kids! She has been thinking about THEM and wanting to make sure they were OK! She wrote a note to the kids and last night, we gathered the six around the kitchen table to pray for the family and then read the note to them.

Why were my kids chose by God to be there on Tyler's last day? Because...they are kind and they have warm smiles and they accepted Tyler and loved him that day. They played hard with him and enjoyed hot dogs with him. AND...they each KNOW THE LORD. How else could a child deal with this unless they have the ASSURANCE of heaven? All of my kids have talked about how Tyler is perfect now and wouldn't want to come back.

We are doing great. We have had some amazing conversations the past few days about life and love and God. God chose my kids to be part of this...and I will rejoice in that!

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