Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Voice of God

We had an interesting conversation at the dinner table last night.

Lincoln broke through the usual conversations of "Did you see what Harry did off the diving board?" and "I am so you know where the aloe is?" to ask, "Mom... Dad...why can't I hear God?"

A little surprised to hear this coming from our 5 year old, we paused a bit and then asked, "Why are you asking?"

"Well...I hear you say that God told you something and I really want to know what God's voice sounds like and I sit quietly and I just don't hear Him. Why can't I hear Him but you can?"

I love, love, love these moments! What joy in parenting comes in the difficult questions about God and faith and following! I freely admit to my kids that I don't have all the answers. For example, George was so confused a few days ago about how God is Jesus, yet is also Jesus' father at the same time. George was getting more and more angry as I tried to explain the unexplainable when Eleanor just interrupted me and said, "George, clearly Mom doesn't know how to explain it because it is just too complicated for all of us. Just believe." He walked away suddenly satisfied.

To answer Lincoln, we shared while the entire family sat around our kitchen table how God does speak to us. Our answer is not important here, but I share this only to rejoice that Lincoln is asking these questions now! Sometimes I daydream about what my children will be like when they grow up...and lately, I have been blessed with some dreams of Lincoln being a pastor. This is probably because he is now sitting with us at church, and has me turn to the scripture being preached on, even though he can't read! He follows along the verse numbers and tries so hard to figure out what these incredibly complicated words of 1 Peter are all about! Then, he just asked me if he could have Harry's old Bible (The Adventure Bible in the NIV reader's edition). When I said yes, he was over the moon! He immediately started grabbing Anna and George, ushering them into the living room where he announced, "We are now going to play church!"

Who knows who my children will be when they grow up?? God does..and I would like to think He has been smiling up in heaven watching Lincoln grow.

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