Friday, July 15, 2011

Letter to the Governor

I am not sure why I feel such a sense of urgency about getting AB30 passed. Maybe it is because we are pretty sure God is moving us on to a new place. Maybe it is because I take the phone calls of moms in need. Maybe it is because I know God shows favor on this ministry - it shares HIS heart for the broken hearted, the fatherless and the desperate.

So, today, I poured out my heart in a letter to the Governor. I don't know if he will even see it. I know enough to know staffers do everything. They get the phone calls and the emails and the letters. They sift through the correspondences and decide who gets through. I pray right now, Lord, please let my email get through!

I keep hearing that we need to focus on the fall. Frankly, I can NOT accept that. I keep telling the legislators if you would just give me a reason WHY you won't bring this to a vote, I could work with that. But continuing to be ignored is infuriating! Where is the justice in focusing on redrawing district lines in order to make sure Republicans maintain certain seats? I am a card-carrying Republican, but seriously, I am disgusted with my party right now! If I could, I would run against them all :)

We shall see what happens. Probably nothing will. But, the church has been watching...and they are disgusted as well. An issue that Christians are ready and willing to get behind, support so much that they are writing emails and making phone calls on a regular basis, is worth taking notice of. We are not standing on the side of the road with pictures of aborted babies, but instead are trying to take part in our democratic process. Yet...we are stalled. And why? I have no idea! No one will tell me why!

OK - I probably know why. AB30 is not that important in the grand scheme of politics. But that is the shame....what do you think God cares more about? Enabling a state to serve the fatherless or redistricting lines? You all know the answer to that. And sadly, government keeps marching on without consulting the Lord.

I am angry. I am not discouraged any more, just angry. Righteous anger. And soon, I will be shaking the dust from my sandals and praying that God raise up the right person to move this forward in WI.

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