Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So...Here it Goes

So much has been going on in our lives and I have failed to sit down and write about it. Maybe that is because we didn't want to air it all out there, or cause anyone to worry. Maybe it is because I didn't want to face it...and when I write things out, they seem so real.

We are jobless.

We have closed our business.

We are confused.

God so clearly led us to this place in our lives - He put us on a trajectory that included simplifying our lives drastically and impressing upon our hearts the desire to live a missional life. Living this way, I "get" poverty. And I long to serve those who are in poverty. Living this way, I trust in the Lord - not in a bank account or a 401K. Living this way, our family has grown so close to each other.

And now...I don't know if we are going to continue living this way.

We love living this way. We don't want to change.

But, there are no jobs here. So far.

We are not sure what lies ahead for our family.

We DO know that God is WITH US! And we are offering Him everything we are. We are saying YES before we even know where He is sending us. We are in a posture of gratitude - for all that God has taught us over the past few years. We are so thankful for the lessons we have learned and the ways in which we have been changed. We love our lives now.

So, the adventure continues with us! And the world is open to wherever God wants to send us and how He wants to use us.

Exciting stuff!


The McBs said...

Hi there! I popped over to say thanks for visiting my blog and sharing our button... but I also see that God wanted me to pray for you today and I didn't even know it! Praying for your family... you know this... but He is SO FAITHFUL... praying God continues to show you exactly what He has had planned all along! Thanks again!!

Bear Creek Mama said...

You are so awesome! Your Faith is so awesome! I praise you for always pointing back - or should I say up - to an AMAZING God. Praying that He shows you SOON just what He has planned for you!