Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Placement....Sorta

About a week ago I got a call from the National Immigrant Justice Center in Chicago - as the name and number flashed across my cell phone, I have to admit I wondered if I was suddenly in trouble with one of my African babies.

No, it was a woman who had just rescued two kids from human trafficking who had heard about Safe Families and wondered if we could talk. After a long undercover investigation, the NIJC had rescued a 20 year old girl and a 16 year old boy who were originally from India. For the past two years, they had been "living" on the east side of Milwaukee as slaves. The girl was forced to work 17 hour days, and then regularly beaten. Food was often with-held from both of them. They never had even a dime in their pocket. The perpetrator kept complete control over the kids for over 2 years as they lived in fear and despair.

Now, they are free. But where do they go?

Safe Families!

Because of the ages of the kids and because the federal government is involved, we did not need to worry about the state law in Wisconsin that says no one can help a child except the state social system. The FBI said, "Place the kids!" So...I found a family.

And this is how God works well ahead of us! The family that opened their home has kids the same ages! The family that opened their home has done mission work in India! The SF mom emailed me Monday night saying that as she was writing the email, she could hear all four of her "kids" laughing and talking in their rooms. Many tears have been shed - tears of joy and gratitude. The kids attended youth group on Sunday night and were amazed at what they were hearing and seeing.

THIS IS Christian hospitality! This is the church stepping up to do what is right and just!


Brian & Amy said...

AMAZiNG!!! Love how God provided the perfect family! Keep on in your work for the Lord, you KNOW it is not in vain!!!

love you!!

Jamie said...

This is all so heartbreaking yet so amazing how God redeems and blesses... I love your passion and how you serve our God! Love you guys!

ESolgos said...

I am AMAZED. This is really really great, Traci. How wonderful to have a part in a miracle like this!

Bear Creek Mama said...

Amazing! Thank you for sharing this awesome story of hope for two very lost children. Praying they are able integrate well into their new life and that they will relish in the blood of Jesus.